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2015 Archives

13th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
September 29 - October 3, 2015

Workshops/Lectures/Book Appraisals:

Tuesday, September 29, 7:00pm, Collingswood Library
Town Book Discussion. Join your fellow readers in a discussion of A Backpack, A Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka by Lev Golinkin. Mr. Golinkin came to America as a Ukrainian child refugee with only what he and his family could carry. Their exodus story - both incredibly beautiful and wickedly funny - is a tale of being lost, being found, and finding home. Mr. Golinkin will speak at the Book Festival on Saturday, October 3 at 1:15pm in Tent 1.

Wednesday, September 30, 1:00pm–4:00pm, Collingswood Community Center
Sages of Ages. A special fun-filled afternoon featuring authors, games and prizes for attendees aged 50-plus. Presenters include Ann Atkins, author of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Life of Soul Searching and Self-Discovery and Robert Shinn and Kevin Cook, authors of Along the Cooper River: Camden to Haddonfield. Individuals and groups are welcome. Free, reservations suggested: 856-854-3705.

Saturday, October 3, Noon–2:00pm, Collingswood Library Entrance
Book Appraisals. Bill Faris, with the Old Bookshop of Bordentown, Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, ILAB will do appraisals. A $5.00 donation is suggested (includes up to five books).

Tent 1 - Library

Panel Discussion: Irish Family Ties (Moderated by Rowan University Professor Marie Haughton Flocco) Elise Juska, The Blessings Julia MacDonnell, Mimi Malloy, At Last!

Matthew Quick, Love May Fail
In Conversation with Evan Roskos

George Anastasia, Gotti’s Rules

Lev Golinkin, A Backpack, A Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka (Town Book)

James Hannaham, Delicious Foods

Glory Days
Bernie Parent, Unmasked: Bernie Parent and the Broad Street Bullies
Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, signing sports memorabilia
Sponsored by DePace Library, Museum and Learning Center

NOTE: The DePace Museum will not be open tomorrow as all Book Fest activities have been moved to the High School. Bernie Parent and Dave Schultz will be speaking in the Middle School auditorium and signing after their presentation.

Dave Hart and John Calu, Adventures Along the Jersey Shore

Joe Samuel Starnes, Red Dirt
Tom Coyne, A Course Called Ireland; A Gentleman's Game
Evan Roskos, Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poet

Susannah Marren, Between the Tides

Tent 2 - Haddon & Lees Avenues

10am to 4pm
Book Signing - Meet Young Adult Authors

Book Discussions in Tent 2

Chris Avery, Angst: Overcoming Freshman Year of High School

11:00am - Grades 4 & 5
Nan Marino, Hiding Out At The Pancake Palace

12:00pm - KidLit Authors Club: Celebrating Reading & Writing
Charlotte Bennardo, Blonde OPS; Sirenz Series
Darlene Beck Jacobson, Wheels of Change
Elisa Ludwig, Pretty Crooked Trilogy
Dianne Salerni, The Eighth Day; The Inquisitor’s Mark
Tiffany Schmidt, Bright Before Sunrise; Send Me A Sign
Yvonne Ventresca, Pandemic; Prep For Doom

Matthew Cody, Will In Scarlett; Super; Powerless; Villanous

Panel Discussion: Realistic Fiction: Navigating the Teen Years

Chris Avery, Angst: Overcoming Freshman Year of High Schoo
Brad Hecht, Struggs
J.C. Edwards, Barefoot Johnny
Kate MacHugh, Tormented
Randy Ribay, An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes

Panel Discussion: Literary Golf and Tennis
Tom Coyne, A Course Called Ireland; A Gentleman’s Game
Joe Samuel Starnes, Red Dirt: A Tennis Novel

Tent 3 - At the Clock

Danny and Kim Adlerman, Mommy’s Having a Watermelon

Robert Agnello, Eli the Snazzleraffer; The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo
Traci Dunham, The Oyster’s Secret; My Sister Lulu and Me

Dar Hosta James, I Love The Alphabet; If I Were A Tree; Doggie Do
Lee Harper, Turkey Trick or Treat; Snow! Snow! Snow!

Yosi, Children’s Entertainer

Mayor James Maley, Mayor of Collingswood
Summer Reading Awards and Presentations

Kat Lindsey, Run, Faredy Run; Secrets to Freedom

Donna McDine, A Sandy Grave; Powder Monkey; Hockey Agony
Robin Newman, The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

Daryl Cobb, The Frogs: A Happy Life!; Do Pirates Go To School

Allison Gutknecht, Pizza Is the Best Breakfast
Richard McLaughlin, A Skunk With a Stinky Attitude

Lauren Magaziner, The Only Thing Worse Than Witches
Laura Scott Schaefer, The Crumbles Chronicles: Tails of a Nervous Dog

Two of a Kind, Family Album, Sing Me Your Story

Tent 4 - Haddon & Washington Avenues

Tent theme: From the River to the Sea

Throughout the Day: Wall of Haiku, Meet the Poets, book signings, poetry by literary artist Hara, Walt Whitman "river" and "sea" interludes.

Children's Poetry Contest (winners read their work, presentation of poetry book and prizes) hosted by Anna Evans.

South Jersey poet Therese Halscheid reads from her book, Frozen Latitudes.

Haiku Workshop led by Geraldine R. Dodge Poet John McDermott.

Reading by Society for Poets of Southern New Jersey (based in Woodbury representing region).

12:30pm "Seeing the Sea Anew," a Poetry Workshop by Peter E. Murphy of Murphy Writing, Stockton University.

Reading by South Jersey Poets Collective.

Louder Than a Bomb slam presentation featuring Collingswood High School poets, hosted by Lamont "Napalm" Dixon and David Benjamin Watkis.

2:45pm to 3:10pm
Tribute to Brother Daoud Bey, anthology reading selections, hosted by Sandra Turner Barnes.

3:10pm to 4:00pm
Open Mic open to all poets, everywhere

2015 Loompaland Schedule of Events

10:00am - Sara O’Brien and the Community Rocks Kids!
10:30am - "Mr. Malcom" Frozen
11:00am - The Bug Lady
Noon - Laura Kaighn "Lady Hawk" Storyteller
12:20pm - Library Staff, Puppet Show
12:35pm - "Mr. Malcom" The Little Mermaid
1:00pm - Miss Michelle, Kids Music Round of Collingswood
1:30pm - Rachelle Burk, Author/Entertainer
1:50pm - Kenkojuku Karate
2:20pm - Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam
2:50pm - Yogawood
3:20pm - Nancy Viau, Author
3:30pm - Tim Young, Author
3:40pm - Music by Danny and Kim Adlerman

Check out the Loompaland Craft Area & Children’s Exhibits

  • Collingswood Library Craft Tent
  • Collingswood Library Craft Tent
  • Winnie Radolan, Paper Maker
  • Garden State Discovery Museum, "Put Yourself in a Bubble"
  • Chrysa Smith, Author
  • My Gym Cherry Hill
  • Elite Climbing
  • Sara O’Brien, Community Rocks!
  • First Baptist Church of Collingswood
  • Miss Michelle, Kids Music Round of Collingswood
  • About Face- Face Painting
  • Bug Lady‘s Bug Collection
  • Kenkojuku Karate
  • Mathnasium of Cherry Hill
  • Rhinoceros Gamery, Activity and Toy Store
  • Fit Kids Tumblebus
  • Performance of The Grand Hall Character Ball/Author Lyn McCulloug
  • Rachelle Burk, Author/Entertainer
  • Lady Hawk Storyteller/Writer
  • Liberti Church
  • Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
  • Archway Schools/Archway Programs
  • Arden Theatre

2nd Act Media-Used Books; #301

About Face Face Painting; #407 Loompaland

Al Lohn-The Old Lady and the River; Sacred Blood ; #56

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation-Lemonade/Books; #National Market

Alice Mohor-Special Days Book of Children’s Poetry; #35

Alison M. Wilkom-Crawfish Jesse A Soldier’s Diary 1893-1918; #13

ALTaMiRa Books-The Anti-Socialites Diary Series; #52

Amelia Robin Chaplin-Loebell--The Astounding Retrieval of Clementine; #183

American Vegan Society-Vegan Books; #78

Anansi Publishers, LLC-\-Death of a Pharoah by Michael Geisinger and Jack Granite; #178

Andi O’Connor--The Dragonath Chronicles; The Vaelinel Trilogy; #153

Andrea Gadson--The Released-In Search of a King Exhibit; #210

Antoinette Gelin, Author; #419 Loompaland

Archway Schools/Archway Programs; #410 Loompaland

Arden Theatre Company; #411 Loompaland

Author GuyMarc Vun Kannon-Books, Rubber Ducks; #240

Author Mike Ink Productions-The House on Creep Street; #228

Baba’s Biblioteka-Used Books; #306

B.A. Belthoff-Porcupine Penny; #46

Barbara Ann Gareis-Dancing With Daddy: A Memoir of Life ,Love, and Hope; #6

Barefoot Books-Books for Babies to Tweens; #147

Barnes & Noble-Sponsor/Bookseller; #Library

Becky Johnson-Run, Stand, and Redemption Mystery/Suspense Novel; #90

Ben Anderson-The McGunnegal Chronicles; The Strange Land Trilogy; #83

Biff Price-The Revolutionists; #162

Bill Van Dusen-The True Story of Rocky the Catholic Cat; #98

Bob Esposito-First Male Born; Augie and The Giant; #68

Bob Salomon and Rick Young-Beyond the Laces; #192

Book GRRL Bindery-New Books and Crafts From Recycled Textbooks; #111

Books Used and Vintage; #305

Brent David Miller-Grace at the Threshold: Reflections on Salvation, Hope and the Love of God; #58

Brian Ostrowski-The Kid Who Wasn’t Good at Anything; When I Was Little; #136

Bug Lady’s Bug Collection; #400 Loompaland

Button Shy Games/Storyteller Cards-Pocket sized card games; #230

C.Q.Wilder M.ED-Karla the Dog; #101

Camden County-Sponsor; #Library

Camden County Library System; #Library

Camden Riversharks-Promotional Material; #25

Carol Leister-Strange Business, a Paranormal Romance; #126

Cassandra Ulrich-A Beautiful Girl; Life Experienced; Real Purpose: You are Special; #107

Cathleen Rogers-Can You Find the abcs?; #123

Cheryl Tapp and Linda Todd-If Beaches Could Talk; #95

Chrissy McManis and Chris Chaos-The Search for the Jersey Devil; #131

Christian Science Reading Room-Books on Spiritual Healing; #76

Christian Wynn-Jack Taylor Cases; #207

Chrysa Smith, Author; #401 Loompaland

Cindy Irvin-Our Souls Shine: A Nutrition Guide for Children; #138

Collingswood Friends of the Library-Information and Giveaways; #Loompaland

Collingswood H. S. PTA-Used Books; #304

Collingswood Shakespeare Co.-Information; #154

Cooper and Cook Productions-Jacki and the Smiling Fox; Death of a Dynasty; #171

Courier Post--Sponsor; #Library

Courtney Kayser-The Adventures of Sticky and Pickles; #193

Craig E. Burgess-Poet, Historian, Photographer; #44

Cyd Webster Beacham-HB and Struck By Lightning; #1

Dar Hosta-Art/Books; #54

Dark Quest Books-Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy; #69,70,71,72

Davon Clark-The Adventures of Prada Enchilada; #85

Dawn Griffin Studios-Cartoonist and Illustrator-Comics, Books, Graphic Design; #22

Dawn Turner-Books; #307

Debbi Silverman-A Glimmer of Hope; #174

Dee Sterling-The Kid with the Cast Iron Stomach; #173

Derrick T. Billups, Sr.-Changing Your Condition not Your Position; #211

Dollar Book Deals; #303

Doug Snelson-The Fable of the Snake Named Slim; Who’s Got the Face?; #128

Douglas Harris-Raised by Giants: Growing Up Colored/Negro/Black in Burlington, NJ. Back in the Day; #86

Dr. Sophia Z. Domogala-Buzzin With Kindness; #161

Dr. Stacy Haynes, Ed.D-Powerful Peaceful Parenting: Guiding Children Changing Lives; #125

Dylann Rhea-Tormented Soul; #91

E.Jazmine Kiah Thorpe--I Still See Yoy; The Dream Within; #221

E.Lewis Brown-Dianna Doll; #219

EDITIONS REVOLTE-Canadian Publisher; #121

Eifrig Publishing/Random Acts of Reading (RoAR); #212

Eli Kowalski-Sports Challenge Network-Kushka the Dog; Phillies Books; #43, 45

Elite Climbing; #418 Loompaland

Ella Mozzarella-I Sold My Sister; #92

EPEK Tales-Counting The Fish in The Sea by Carolyn Miller; #206

Experience 828-Elizabeth Bateman: My Friend you Suffer No More; Moments of Expression; #187

Extraordinary ED,Inc.-Intelligent and Thought Provoking Games; #55, 57

F.J. Gouldner-Miniature Symphonies; #222

Felicia Starr-Hawk Creek Novels; Breaking the Darkness Series; Sacred Heart Coven Series; #209

Firehouse Publications-If Picasso Series; #106

First Baptist Church of Collingswood; #406 Loompaland

Fish and Other Tales, LLP-Promising Forecast; #3

Fit Kids Tumblebus; #425 Loompaland

Food Bank of South Jersey-Cookbook; #59

Frank G. Schafer-Sammy-Sci-Fi; #182

Fred Doerr-Escape From Destiny; Surviving the Hospital; #67

Fredrickson Family-King Mansa’s New Hairdo; #100

Friends of Collings-Knight House/Shades of Poe; #Fern Avenue

Gail Priest-Annie Crow Knoll Series; #114

Garden State Discovery Museum; #420 Loompaland

Gary Faucett-A Team To Remember; #143

George Reagan-The Stinkbug Chronicles ;Masterdate; Long Shot; #168

Glannant Ty Publishing-Fiction and Non-Fiction Topics; #133

Good Shepherd Regional Catholic School-Information; #238

Gregg Love-The One Who Threw From Kalamazoo; #208

Gwyn English Nielsen-From Footlights to Flashlights; Torey the Turkey Goes Skiing; #141

H.D.Gordon-The Joe Knowe Series; Santa’s Little Helper; #18

Hartman-Books.com; #313

Hayley Harper-Never You ; #217

Heather Harlen-Hope You Guess My Name: A Thriller; #203

Howard R. Milsted, Jr.-A Real Love Story; Just Another Collie; Eyes From Above; #77

Hypothetical Press-Short Story Collections; #64

J.E.Byrne-Dead Land, Hollow Land; #167

J.Peter Clifford-Sophie and The Finn Series;#50

James and Katie Brewster-Uncle Rocky, Fireman Series Book 1-7; #163

James C. Ellerbe-Beyond the Event Horizon; #164

James Mascia-Island of Dren; High School Heroes; The Poe Murders; #197

Jayne Thompson-Letters to My Younger Self; #140

Jeanine M. Reed-Small Indulgences: Petite Desserts; #150

Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night-Children’s Book; #232

Jenni Fink-Sentenced To Life; #157

Jerry Gallagher-The Man on the Grassy Knoll; Lonesome Travelers; #227

Jessie Crawford,Jr.-Children’s Book Series; #74

Jill Maser-The White Horse Pike; The Black Horse Pike; #94

Jim Scheers-This Is What You Want,This Is What You Get; #203

Jo Cattell-Whispers of Autumn; Angels No More; In Another Life; #113

Joanna Swank-Anyone Can Be a Novelist; #41

John Feldman-Bridgevine; #233

John Leone-Sharklock Bones Series; #185

Jose A. Sanchez-Literary Themed Button Pins and Badges; #160

Judith Iris Quate-Our Special Child-Jason’s Story; #99

JW.ORG-Bible Literature; #132

K. Edwin Fritz-Night Storms; Man Hunt; #96

Karen Szelest-The Happy Baby Duckling and Jesus; #89

Kate Butler Books, Inc.-More Than Mud-Making Muddy Moments Magical; #11

Kathryn Ross-Pageant Wagon Publishing-Mother Chicken’s Eggs; #146

Kathy Quinn-Those Annoying Happy People; #115

Kathy Sparano-The Story of Corrine; #149

Kenkojuku Karate; #414 Loompaland

Ken Lang-Walking Among the Dead; Death Comes Uninvited; #103

Kevin Convery-Travels On The Night Sea; The Golden Thread; #172

Kevin Cook & Robert A. Shinn-Along the Cooper River; # 61,63

Kimberly Sentek-A Nico and Tugger Tale Series; #27

Kitsune’s Books-D-INJECT: Second Birthday; #201

KJ’s Adventures by Kevin Lewis; #97

Kristina Garlick-Fairy Tale Trilogy
    www.kristinagarlick.com #124

Lady Hawke- Storyteller/Writer; #412 Loompaland

L.J.Moran-Fiction Books-All Jersey Based Locations; #137

Larry L. Deibert-Requiem For A Vampire; Fathoms; #28

LaShelle White-Corley-Hooray! Hooray! Dad’s on His Way!; #102

Laura Delguercio-Graveyard Shifts; Dueling Moons; #38

Lauren Micchelli-The Snootzytime Adventure Series; I Love My Pet Elephant; #116

Leanora Marie Regan-Only The Thought, of Helplessness; #177

Leonard Anderson, Jr.-Children’s Books; #20

Lew Freimark-Soccer Tales-The Series and The Hedgehog Wars; #148

Liberti Church; #402 Loompaland

Life Lessons Gift Book Series-Holland Publishing Group; #239
    Holland Publishing Group

Little Ghost Publishing-Host a Little Ghost; #122

Liz DeJesus-First Frost; Glass Frost; #26

Loretta J. Lombardi-I’m Hot You’re Hot Cookbook ;#60

Lorraine Haddock-The Duck Without A Quack; #93

Louis Pecsi-Nosferatu The Untold Origin; The Awakened Poe; #205

Louis Romano-Fish Farm; Besa; Intercession; #176

Lyn McCullough-The Grand Hall Character Ball; Marshall & Planet Saurus; #53

Lynne Silber-Remote Control Adventures; #47

M. Lyman-Bailey’s Good Deeds; Bailey Bean Adventures; #216

Madeline Mysko-Stone Harbor Bound; #21

Magdaline Desousa-The Forgotten Mourners: Sibling Survivors of Suicide; #14

Margie Carpenter Franklin-The Other Side of Health Care; #237

Marie C. Collins-A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp: Book 1; #108

Mark C. Collins-Children’s Book Author and Illustrator; #134

Mark Dennion-Super Hero Tales; #215

Mark Newbie School-Teachers/Staff Booth Displaying Student Work; #198

Marlene A. Franchetti-Used Books #302

Mary Ellen Springsteen Books-The Universal Donor; In the Name of Beauty; #84

Mathnasium of Cherry Hill; #405 Loompaland

Matt Dennion-Chimera: Scourge of the Gods; Atomic Rex; #215

Matthew Meyer-Illustrated Encyclopedias of Japanese Mythology and Monsters; #220Montessori

Matthew S. Cox-Division Zero Series; Prophet of The Badlands Series; #159

Maverick Duck Press-Poetry Chapbooks; #179

Melica Niccole-The New Face of Disabilities; Poetic Outlets; #4

Mercedes Rochelle-Heir to A Prophecy; Godwine Kingmaker; #23

Merry Stirring Mice-Merry Stirring Mice: Santa’s Secret Team; #204

Michael R. Stern-Quantum Touch Series; Reflections on a Generous Generation; #186

Michael Randazzo-Just Do Your Homework; #194

Michael Rushnak-Medical Mysteries; #87

Michael Sheldon-The Violet Crow; #110

Michael W. Tracy, Ph.D.-266 Days: Eye Witness Accounts of The British Occupation of Philadelphia; #120

Michelle Lee-King-I Heart Gratitude; #235

Mid Atlantic Waterproofing-Protect Your Books; #189

Mike Pollock-From Death’s Door to Disney World; #135

Miss Michelle-Kids Music Round of Collingswood; #409 Loompaland

Money Management 4 Teen$-Financial Resources Books; #166

Montessori Seeds of Education-Educational Curriculum;#225

Mr. Mike’s Dino Tales ‘N Tunes-Dinorific Poetry Vols 1-3; #218

Ms. Cinsearae S; Editor/Publisher-Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine; #66

Murphy Writing of Stockton University-Information on Workshops, Retreats, Resources; #40

My Gym Cherry Hill; #422 Loompaland

Nathan Levy Books, LLC-Educational Books; #19

Neil R. King-Smarty-Pants Comics-Publisher of "all ages books"; #231

New Jersey Library Association-Book and Reading Themed Merchandise; #49, 51

Newbie PTA Scholastic Book Fair; #29,30,31,32,33,34

Nicholas Dollak-Jenna of Erdovon; #16

Nicole A. Schmidt-Inside a Young Soul; #152

Nicole Lanier Montez-Scrambled Eggs; Just Passing By; Sleepwalkers; #8

Nicoline Evans-Haemans; Nether Isle; Blue Spots; #10

Nikki Rae-YA and New Adult Dark Paranormal Romances; #130

Norma Segal-Amoebas to Zebras; #5

Pat Craven-Messages From the Heart My Journey My Journal; #82

Painted Bride Quarterly-Literary Magazine; #229

Patricia A. Perry--The Haunting of the Owens Family; #145

Paul Cicchini-God Smacked; #88

Performance of The Grand Hall Character Ball-Author Lyn McCullough; #417 Loompaland

Peta-Gaye Taylor-Christian Non-Fiction; #196

Peter N. Milligan-Bulls Before Breakfast; #191

Peter R. Kowey ,M.D.-Medical Mysteries; #75

Philadelphia Orchestra Cookbook:Kitchen Compositions; #73

Phila Science Fiction Society/Philcon; #312, 314

Picturehouse/Big Stone Gap-"Big Stone Gap" promotional items ; #Washington Avenue

Plexus Publishing-Books; #117

Pocketwatch Tales-Nap Time Fairies; #119

Poehead.com-Edgar Allen Poe Items; #42

Positively Publishing Kids-Who do you think I am ?; #223

Rachelle Burk-Author/Entertainer; #415 Loompaland

ReadyWriter Production Co.-Tracy L. Bell-Just Call Me Sophia; Conversations of A Sistah; #234

Rhinoceros Gamery-Activity and Toy Store; #403 Loompaland

Robert Castle-Pope Sixtus the Fourth; Berthcut and Sons ; #81

Round Robin Writes-A Collaborative Creative Writing Blog; #224

Rowan Writing Arts Dept.-Info on Writing Arts Program; #65

Roy Ziegler Publications-The Parrys of Philadelphia and New Hope; #17

Sandra Bischoff-Beyond the Sun; Beyond Time; #9

Sara O’Brien, Community Rocks!; #416 Loompaland

Sarus Crane Books-Ivan the Hamster Knight; Dideetones; #80

SHARE INTERNATIONAL-Books; Discussion; #236

Shawn Gunn-Heima: The Ninth Kostir; #129

Silent Way Books-Vintage & Collectible; #309

Silver Dragon Books-Daniel Sean Kaye: Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab; #202

Society For Poets of Southern New Jersey-Poetry Books from Local Authors; #48

South Jersey Bridge Club-Learning the Game of Bridge; #139

South Jersey Writers Group-Promotional; #62

St. Paul Luthern Church-Crafts and Information; Food Pantry; #184

Starwarp Concepts-Dark-Fantasy Book Publisher; #24

Steampunk Granny:Marie Gilbert-Roof Oasis Zombie Book; #60

Stefani Milan-The Secret of Kolney Hatch; #2

Steven Lange-Breathing Room; #112

Stormwatch Comics-Trade Paperbacks & Hardcover Comics; #199, 200

Stuart Clark-The Project U.L.F Series of Sci-Fi Adventure Novels; #155

Stuff Shop-Used Books; #308

Sue Whitmer-Collecting Dreams; #36

Summer Joy Wood-The Tale of the Jersey Devil; #175

Summit Crossroads Press-Publishing Books on Parenting; #156

Susan Hausman-Cable’s Image; Split The Difference; #12

Susan Hemme-Goodbye Monsters; #7

Susan J. Gross-Someone Used To Love Me; #195

Susan Rochester Zucconi-Crumbys Carnival and Magic Show; #181

Sweet Freedom Bakery-Cookbook-Baking You Happy: At Home; #109

T. Johnson-The Beach Club Volume 1 and 2; Seasons of the Year; #118

Tamme Handmade-Tote bags Featuring Literary Figures; #140

Temple University Press-Regional Books; #79

The Adventures of Two-Bit and Flip-Children’s Book; #214

The Business of Podcasting-Co-Author Steve Lubetkin; #144

The Jersey Devil- by J.J. Crane; #226

The Trotters of Tweeville-Children’s Book Series; #127

Thomas Herninko-Rage; Voices; #104

Tim E. Ogline-Author/Artist, Ben Franklin For Beginners; #213

Tinika Ross-Madness; Ghostly Echoes; #15

Toad Hollow-Book Related Merchandise; #190

Tom Lowe-Louie the Loon Series; #158

Toni McCloe-Rude Awakening; #105

Tools For Justice, Inc.-Eavesdropping on Bar Talk, A Collection of True Case Stories ; #188

Tyson Hartnett-Hoop Dreams Fulfilled; #165

Usborne Books and More-Children’s Educational Books; #37, 39

Used Books; #310

Velya Jancz-Urban-How Cool Is That ?!; #170

Void Press-Publishing Services; #151

Wayne and Jane Meyers-Used Books; #311

West Jersey Chapter–National Railway Historical Society; #142

Winnie Radolan-Paper Maker; #404 Loompaland

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge; #413 Loompaland

Worthe Stories-Robert Crowthers:-The Happy Howling Hyena; Bless You; Taco Cat; #180

2015 Collingswood Book Festival

2014 Archives

12th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
October 7 - 11, 201

Workshops/Lectures/Book Appraisals:

Tuesday, October 7, 7:00pm, Collingswood Library
Town Book Discussion. Join your fellow readers in a discussion of The End of the Suburbs, Leigh Gallagher’s fascinating account about the changing trends in how and where we live. Author Leigh Gallagher will speak at the Book Festival on October 11 at 1:00pm in Tent 1.

Wednesday, October 8, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Community Center
Sages of Ages. A special fun-filled afternoon featuring authors, games and prizes for attendees aged 50-plus. Presenters include John Whitenight, author of Under Glass: A Victorian Obsession, and Barbara M. Fleisher and Thelma Reese, authors of The New Senior Woman. Individuals and groups are welcome. Free, reservations suggested: 856-854-3705.

Saturday, October 11, All Day, Collingswood Cloud Auditorium (Haddon Ave. opposite the Library)
Workshop: Anyone Can Be a Novelist.Author and marketing expert Joanna Swank will conduct six sessions throughout the day, beginning with Getting Started to Editing and Publishing. Please register online at acban.eventbrite.com or by emailing Collingswood@jswank.com.

Saturday, October 11, Noon, Collingswood Library, Teen Area, 2nd Floor
Young Writers Workshop. Attention Teen Authors! Here’s your chance to learn new writing strategies from published authors who will share their techniques for writing and give you feedback on your writing. Bring a piece you’ve already written, or do some writing on the spot. You’re sure to walk away with new tools to put power in your words.

Saturday, October 11, Noon–2:00pm, Collingswood Library Entrance
Book Appraisals. Doug Palmieri, member of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, will do appraisals. A $5.00 donation is suggested (includes up to five books).


Collings Avenue

10:00am to 11:00am: The Eve Thomas Trio
11:15am to 12:15pm: Tess Mccrindle
12:30pm to 1:30pm: Hotsy Totsy
1:45pm to 2:45pm: No Relation Band
3:00pm to 4:00pm: David Kelly

Stiles Avenue

10:30am-3:30pm: Little Stevie and His Electric Mojo

Tent 1 - Library

Katie Hafner, Mother Daughter Me

Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker, Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love

Jay Paterno, Paterno Legacy: Enduring Lessons from the Life and Death of My Father

Leigh Gallagher, The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream is Moving (Town Book)

Wesley Stace, Wonderkid

Sports Talk Radio-Collingswood Style!
Moderated by Glen Macnow
Ray Didinger, The New Eagles Encyclopedia
Brian Startare and Kevin Reavy, This Day in Philadelphia Sports

Signings 11:00am-1:00pm

Lisa Roberts, Antiques of the Future; DesignPO P

Greg Landry and Robert Hochgertel, The ABC’s of Philadelphia: An Illustrated Guide to the City of Brotherly Love

Sheila McCraith, Yell Less, Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids - and How You Can Too!
Brian Startare and Kevin Reavy, This Day in Philadelphia Sports

Glen Macnow, Hall of Fame Greats series; The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies

Tent 2 - Haddon & Lees Avenues

All Day
Book Signings - Meet Young Adult Authors

Teen Writer’s Workshop
Library Teen Area (2nd Floor)
Noon: Grades 8 to 12

Book Discussions

11:00am: Grade 6 (Tent 2)
Matt Phelan, The Storm In The Barn

Noon: Grade 8 (Tent 2)
Gae Polisner, The Pull of Gravity

1:00pm: Grade 7 (Library, 2nd Floor)
Leslie Connor, Crunch; The Things You Kiss Goodbye

1:00pm (Tent 2)
Panel Discussion: Fantasy and Mythology in YA Fiction
Ellen Jensen Abbott, Watersmeet
Charlotte Bernardo & Natalie Zaman, Sirenz series
Kit Grindstaff, The Flame in the Mist
Diane Salerni, We Hear the Dead
Bree Donovan, Blackthorns of the Forgotten
Tom Tancin, My Atlantis Revolution

2:00pm (Tent 2)
Panel Discussion: Developing Characters in Realistic Fiction
Alison Ashley Formento, Twigs
Tiffany Schmidt, Send Me a Sign
Yvonne Ventresca, Pandemic
Margie Gelbwasser, Pieces of Us
Timothy Tocher, Bill Pennant, Babe Ruth and Me
Pamela Tuck, As Fast As Words Could Fly; Color Struck
Elisa Ludwig, Pretty Crooked
Alissa Grosso, Popular; Ferocity Summer

3:00pm (Tent 2)
Author Chat
Meet the authors, informal chat, light refreshments, prizes

Tent 3 - At the Clock

Danny and Kim Adlerman, Mommy’s Having a Watermelon
Tiffany Strelitz Haber, The Monster Who Lost His Mean

Artie Bennett, Peter Panda Melts Down; Belches, Burps and Farts—Oh My!
Dar Hosta James, Animalization; If I Were A Tree

Jane Kirkland, Take A Walk series
Pamela and Joel Tuck, The Adventure of Sheldon, the Mushroom

Children’s Entertainer

Kathy O’Connell
Award Winning Host of WXPN Kids Corner
Summer Reading Awards and Presentations

Herman Parish, Amelia Bedelia Shapes Up

Debbie Dadey, The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series

Alison Formento, These Bees Count!; These Seas Count!
Lyn Sirota, Animal series

Jacqueline Jules, Zapato Power series
Robert Agnello, Glimmer series; Band of Innocence-Legacy

Marcie Aboff, Healthy Eating series; Data Mania series
Brett Axel, Friendship of Millicent and Tandy; Goblinheart: A Fairy Tale

Two of a Kind, Sing Me Your Story; Family Album


E.B. Lewis, All Different Now: Juneteenth,The First Day of Freedom
Traci Dunham, The Oyster’s Secret

Dan Gutman, My Weird School series; The Genius File series

2014 Loompaland Schedule of Events

10:00am: Sara O’Brien and the Community Rocks Kids!
10:30am: Travel Around the World with Buddy
11:00am: Miss Michelle, of Kids Music Round of Collingswood
11:30am: Library Staff, Puppet Show 11:45am Sara O’Brien
Noon: Yogawood
12:30pm: “Mr. Malcom” Peter Pan
1:00pm: Kenkojuku Karate
1:20pm: Tim Young, Author
1:30pm: “Mr. Malcom” The Wizard of Oz
2:00pm: Music by Danny and Kim Adlerman
2:20pm: Denise Dowling Mortensen, Author
2:30pm: Laura Kaighn “Lady Hawk” Storyteller
3:00pm: Christina Durral, “Promoting Youth Achievement”
3:20pm: Nancy Viau, Author
3:30pm: Eli, Author

Tent 4 - Haddon & Washington Avenues

10:30am & 1:00pm
Children’s Program. Daryl Cobb, author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor presents two special performances featuring his many works including his newest books The Frogs: A Happy Life; Henry Hare’s Floppy Socks; and Greta’s Magical Mistake. His popular CDs will be featured in his program.

Children’s Program. Lynmarie McCullough and the Collingswood Shakespeare Company present a short play based on Lynmarie’s book The Grand Hall Character Ball.

Vegan Dessert Demonstration.
Allyson Kramer, Sweet Eats for All

Jon McGoran, Deadout

Jane Kelly, Missing You in Atlantic City

Sheila McCraith, Yell Less, Love More: How the Orange Rhino Mom Stopped Yelling at Her Kids - and How You Can Too!

Tent 5 - Washington Avenue

All Day... a wide array of poetry activities from the annual “Wall of Haiku”, sponsored by the Nick Virgilio Haiku Assoc., to creative and fun events in the Poetry Plaza (in front of the Tent) including meeting guest poets and book signings.

B. J. Swartz, Haiku Greeting
** Global haiku interludes continue between all presenters **

Children’s Poetry Contest, Judge and Host Anna Evans

Barbara Daniels, NJ Council on the Arts Fellowship Winner for Poetry

Douglas Goetsch, The Job of Being Everybody and other volumes of poems

Workshop: Thinking Hard for Us All: A Centennial Celebration of the Peace Poetry and Witness of William Stafford
Hosted by Cassie MacDonald of Brigid’s House

Workshop: How to Get Published
Hosted by Douglas Goetsch

Anna Evans, Sisters and Courtesans

Spoken Word Workshop
Hosted by Lamont ‘Napalm da Bomb’ Dixon, Philly spoken word artist

Poetry Duel: Poets B.J. Ward (Jack Opera) and Patrick Rosal (Boneshepherds)

Open mic
With an opening tribute to long-time host and poetic champion Brother Daoud Bey


Aaron Hawkins-Jesus Recycles-He Made Me Over— #179

About Face-Face Painting— #407 Loompaland

Al Lohn-Sacred Blood; The Old Lady and the River— #52

Albert De Benedictis-Evolution or Creation? A Comparison of the Arguments— #120

Alex's Lemonade Stand-Fundraiser, Book sales— #National Market

Alison M Wilkom-Crawfish Jesse A Soldier's Diary 1893-1918— #155
    wattpad:Crawfish Jesse.Amazon

ALTaMiRa Books-Children's Books— #147

American Vegan Society-Vegan Books— #32

Amy Evans-CLICKS; Jellybean Kisses— #216

Andi O'Connor-The Dragonath Chronicles; The Vaelinel Trilogy

Ann Atkins-Biography-Eleanor Roosevelt; Golda Meir— #122

Antoinette Gelin-Author— #400 Loompaland

April Campbell-The Dark Side of Destiny— #118

Author Vun Kannon-Books— #63 &# 65

Author Mike Ink Publishing-New Book Sales— #119

Barbara Ann Gareis-100 Blessings— #7

Barefoot Books-Children's Books, Puzzles, Games, and Puppets— #44

Barnes & Noble-Sponsor— #Library

Barrelhouse Magazine-A Biannual Literary Journal— #13

Barrington Movie Poster And Book Shop-Used Books— #303

Becky Johnson-Run— #187

Beneficial Bank-Financial Literary Giveaways
— #101

Beth-Ann Belthoff-Porcupine Penny— #1

Betsy Thomson--Meditation My Friend— #121

Big Splash Productions-Blue Lou and The Bellyfish— #195

Bob Esposito-First Male Born Series— #74

Bob Walton-Route 66, The People-The Places-The Dream— #67

Book GRRL Bindery-Maker of Tablet Covers From Old Textbooks— #167

Bookman8-Used Books— #309

Brenda Sommer-It Took A Storm— #153

Bruce Hartman-Swallow Tail Press— #194

Buddies 4 Ever-
— #405 Loompaland

Camden County Branch AAUW-Used Books— #302, 304

Camden County-Sponsor— #Library

Camden County Library-Information— #Library

Carol Kasser-Bubbie the Book Lady— #30

Carole Hamburger Books-Children's Motivational Books— #47

Carolyn Hannan Bell-Daddy's Disease: Helping Children Understand Alcoholism— #15

Carrie Ann Watson-Suspense and Romance Fiction— #200

Cassandra Ulrich-A Beautiful Girl— #99

Chad Meadows-The Stories Are About You— #47

Characters for a Cause-— #411 Loompaland

Cheryl Tapp and Linda Todd-If Beaches Could Talk— #69

Chris Chaos and Chrissy McManis-The Search for the Jersey Devil— #110
    facebook.com/the search for the jersey devil

Christian Science Reading Room-Christian Book Store— #66

Christina Durral-Author— #413 Loompaland

Christina Paul Books-The Bradford Series— #208

Christine Norris, Darlene Beck Jacobson, Katie Lee-Local Authors— #132

Christopher Ryan-Authors— #210, 212

Chrysa Smith-Author— #401 Loompaland

Cindy Cipriani-Moving Past— #203

Circle Up Stories-Snow Pirates by Joel Franke— #143

Collingswood Friends of the Library-Information— #Loompaland

Collingswood High School PTA-Books— #177

Collingswood Library-— #Craft Tent Loompaland

Collingswood Shakespeare Co., Inc.Information— #127

C-Span 2-Book TV-Interactive Multi-Media Vehicle— #Billson Ave

CW Browning-The Exit Series— #146

Cyd WebsterBeachom-Struck By Lightening; HB The Getaway— #3

DC Geiser-Hard Reign— #161

Dave Stone-Dreams Die Hard, Truth Sets Free— #164

Davon Clark-The Adventures of Prada Enchilada— #183

Dawn Turner Books-Used Books— #306

Deadly Ink Press-Mystery/Historical Books— #141

Deb Durst and Jill Rubin-Football Comedy Book— #173

Debbie Lilllard-A Mom's Guide to Home Organization— #115

Diggerland USA and Sahara Sam's Oasis-— #420, 422, 424 Loompaland

Donna M. McDine-A Sandy Grave; Hockey Agony— #116

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio-A Christmas Homecoming; Who Is Jesus— #22

duckduckgoose and Eilandarts Center — #403 Loompaland

E.L. Books-Publishers of Children's Stories and Thrillers— #135

E.Lewis Brown-Dianna Doll— #174

Eltingville Books-The Mermaid Witch— #6

Extraordinary ED, Inc.-Books, Games, Puzzles
— #9

Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center— #418

First Baptist Church of Collingswood
— #406 Loompaland

Fit Kids Tumblebus— #429 Loompaland

Food Bank of South Jersey-Cookbook— #87

Fred Doerr-Escape From Destiny; Surviving the Hospital— #51

Fred Gibson,Jr.-Perception is Reality; Perception is Deception— #62

Friends of Holy Name School-Used Books— #307

Gail Priest-Annie Crow Knoll Series— #136

Garden State Discovery Museum-— #416 Loomaland

Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers-Speculations from N.J.— #89

Gary Faucett-A Team To Remember— #133

George Reagan-The Invasion Has Begun! Book One of the Stinkbug Chronicles— #140

Goodbye Monsters- by Benjamin and Susan Hemme— #157

Hartman-Books.com-Used Books

H.D. Gordon-The Joe Knowe Series— #104

How Great Thou Art Butterfly Sanctuary -— #413 Loomaland

J.E. Byrne-Dead Land— #109

J.J. Cannon-New Book@Sophie Takes a #Selfie— #189

Jack Foley-Senior Year— #184

Jackie Souders-Pine Valley Golf Club 100 Years of Mystery at The World's #1 Golf Course— #106

JAR BOOK SELL-Used Books— #314

Jared Scherz, Ph.D.-It Can't Happen Here; Why Therapy Fails— #95

Jeanine Reed-Small Indulgences: Dessert Cookbook— #11

Jeff Oppenheimer-That Nation Might Live-One Afternoon with Lincoln's Stepmother— #113

Jennifer Grocki-Sports Alphabet— #48

Jennifer Hansen Rolli-Just One More— #160

Jennifer Lawson-Love Day; Celebrate Your Differences— #102

Jennifer Scardino-My Backyard is For the Birds: A Guide For Young Birdwatchers— #14

Jerry Gallagher-The Man on the Grassy Knoll— #168

Jessica Zellman-Odonata: City of Night— #144

Jim Herity-On Anvil— #131

Joanna Swank-Anyone Can Be a Novelist— #53

Jody's Book Jubilee-Christian and Inspirational Books— #211

John Leone-Sharlock Bone Series— #41

John T. D'Alessandro-Teacher Teacher Mr.D's Amazing Adventures at Collwood High— #86

Jordanna East-Blood in the Past; Blood in the Paint— #85

Joseph Minardi-Books on Historic Architecture in Philadelphia— #159

Judy Haraburda-Perfectly Pie— #29

Juliet Publishing-Co-Remembering World War I: An Engineer's Diary of the War— #145

K.Edwin Fritz-Man Hunt; Night Storms; Cover of Darkness— #71

Kara Jorgensen-The Earl of Brass; The Winter Garden— #124

Karen Scheuer-A Bug and a Wish— #154
    sbprabooks.com/karen scheuer

Kate Butler Books-More Than Mud; Muddy Moments Made Magical— #196

Kathryn Craft-The Art of Falling— #125

Kevin Convery-Travels on the Night Sea; The Golden Thread — #134

Kevin Lewis-KJ's Adventures— #76

Krystal Wade-Young Adult Author— #128

Lady Hawk-Storyteller/Writer— #410 Loompaland

L.J.Moran-Flavors of Death— #88

' Larry and Jane Lueder-Grandmother Mayer; The Criminal— #96

Larry L. Deibert-Fathoms; Requium for a Vampire— #83

Laura Delguercio-Graveyard Shifts— #20

Laurel Lund-When Glory Got Her Glow Back— #182

Leanora Marie Regan-Only the Thought, of Helplessness— #186

Leonard Anderson,Jr.-Spy King; Grandma Anderson's Nursery Rhymes— #31

Liberti Church-— #402 Loompaland

Liberty States Fiction Writers-Non-Profit Fiction Writers— #19, 21

Liz DeJesus-First Frost; Glass Frost— #81

Louis J. Pecsi-The Awakened Poet; NosFeratu the Untold Origin— #199

Louis Romano-Intercession— #204

Lynmarie McCullough-The Grand Hall Character Ball— #50

Lynn Taylor Gordon-Gracies Night, a Hanukkah Story— #130

M. Larry Litwin-The PR Playbook; The ABCs of Strategic Communication— #198

Magdaline Desousa-The Forgotten Mourners: Sibling Survivors of Suicide— #17

Margo Viola-Cracked Shell Whole Yolk— #100

Marguarita Balaquer-The Heart of Friendship— #142

Marie Ralbusky-Christmas Cures Everything— #213

Mark C. Collins-Grandma Stinks; Grandpa's a Grump— #12

Mark Dennion-The References— #180

Mark Newbie School/Scholastic Books— #23,24,25,26,27,28

Marlene A. Franchetti-Used Books— #308

Mary Ellen Springsteen-The Universal Donor— #98

Mary Marino-The Jackie McKendry Field Hockey Player Series— #77

Marykay Hill-Arty and the Booger Genie— #92

Marzie Nicolas Malfoy-Midnight for Mars; Wilbert the Dust Bunny— #112

Matt Goldberg-A Snowball's Chance: Philly Fires Back Against The National Media— #191

Maverick Duck Press-Poetry Chapbooks— #36

Melica Niccole-Dead Wrong; All in Together Girls— #103

Meredith Shaw-The Swordmaker's Daughter: The Poisoned Prince— #149

Michael Randazzo-Just Do Your Homework— #4

Michael Rushnak Books-Medical Mystery Thrillers— #84

Michelle Lee-King-I Heart Gratitude— #148

Mike Pollock-From Death's Door to Disney World— #97

Minor Music-The Not-Quite-Right Clarinet— #152

Miss Michelle of Kids Music Round of Collingswood— #409 Loompaland

Mlanjeni Magical Theater— #423 Loompaland

Money Management 4 Teen$, Inc.-Financial Resources for Youths and Teen$— #79

Montessori Seeds of EducationInteractive Montessori Materials Display— #214

Mr. Mike Sprignoli-Dinorific Poetry— #163

Mr. Sunny Sunshine Children's Books— #217

Mud and Fire Pottery-Handmade Pottery— #185

Murphy Writing-Workshops, Retreats, Resources for Writing— #73

My Family!-LGBT Children's Books— #206

Nathan Levy Books-LLC-Educational Books— #175

New Jersey Library Association Store-Book Themed Gifts— #72

New Jersey Renaissance Faire-Information Booth— #46

Nicki Royall Peet-The Shaman's Daughter— #123

Nicole Denise Smith-Could My Teacher Be a Superhero— #197

Nicole Lanier Montez-Just Passing By; Sleepwalkers— #40

Nicoline Evans-Haemans; Blue Spots— #137

Norma C. Segal-Amoebas to Zebras, Children's Book of Limericks— #80

Patricia Craven-Messages From the Heart My Journey My Journal 1-5— #78

Patti Sheehy-The Boy Who Said No: An Escape To Freedom— #33

Patty Cyrus-From Farmer to F.A.M.E.— #91

Paul Markland-Buckle Up and Buckle Up II— #8

Paul Morabito-Plane Hell Series; An Angel From Above— #156

Paul Quintavalle-Thought Process; Think Twice #150— #150

Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes-A Woman's Game— #170

Pauline Knaeble Williams-Finding Hollis— #129

Paws for Reading, Mt. Laurel Library— #419 Loompaland

Perkins Center for the Arts— #421 Loompaland

Peter R. Kowey,MD-Lethal Rhythm; Deadly Rhythm; Fatal Rhythm— #60

Philadelphia Great Books Council-New Book Sales— #61

Philadelphia Science Fiction Society-Books and Convention Info— #190, 192

Plexus Publishing-Books— #75

Poehead.com-Edgar Allen Poe Items— #38

Rachelle Burk-Author/Entertainer— #415 Loompaland

Rachelle Chaykin & Tracy Kuhn Greenlee-Her Mother's Lover— #188

Rick Stromoski-Soup To Nuts Series; Really, Really Bad Sports Jokes— #117

Robert Castl-A Sardine on Vacation; The End of Travel— #90

Robert T. Donohue-Unjustifiable Means— #10

Rosemary Harris-The Bitches of Brooklyn; Corpse Flower— #54

Rowan Writing Arts Dept. and the AFT— #425 Loompaland

Rowan Writing Arts Program-Info on Programs and Literary journals— #171

Roy Ziegler-The Parry's of Philadelphia and New Hope— #55

Rutgers University Press-Scholarly and Trade Book Sales— #128

Ruth G.Zavitsanos-The Villa Dog— #178

S & S Booksellers-Used Books— #311

S.A.Productions,LLC-Don't Dress Me Up For Halloween— #181

Sara O'Brien-Community Rocks!— #414 Loompaland

Scott Benner-Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal— #59

2nd ACT Media-Used Books— #301

Second Time Books-Used Books— #210, 312

2 Shirley & Al O'Neill-The People of Pine Hill— #108

Sonya Rubin-Mafia Mother-in-Law— #105

South Jersey Writer's Group-Book Sales/Membership— #70

Sports Challenge Network,Inc.-Phillies Books; Kushka the Dog— #43, 45

St. Paul's Lutheran Church-Crafts and Information— #5

Starwarp Concepts-Dark-Fantasy Book Publisher— #18

Stefani Milan-The Secret of Kolney Hatch— #193

Stephen Lonsdale-Badon; The Reporter— #202

Stephen R. Coar-The Deadly Track; Seniorella and Other Assisted Fairy Tales— #138

Steven Narleski-Jinx and the Tale of Lanky the Lemur— #2

Storyteller Cards-A Playing Card Deck to Inspire Creativity— #49

Stuart Clark-The Project U.L.F. Series— #166

Stuff Shop Books-Used Books— #305

Sue Whitmer-Collecting Dreams— #82

Summer Joy Wood-The Tale of the Jersey Devil— #169

Susan Hausman-Split the Difference— #126

TJ O'Connor-Dying to Know— #215

T.S. DeBrosse-Jeremy Chikalto and the Hazy Souls Series— #162

Tamra Carraher-Bluefish Haiku; Alphabet Book— #39

Temple University Press-Regional Scholarly Books— #58

The Gettysburg Review-Literary Magazine— #111

The Idiom Magazine-Underground Literary Magazine— #158

The New Philadelphia Orchestra Cookbook-A Symphony of Recipes— #42

The New Senior Woman: Reinventing The Years Beyond Mid-Life-T. Reese & B. Fleisher— #151

The New York Times-Subscriptions— #139

The Writing Blueprint-Editing and Writing Support Company— #107

Thomas Herninko-Rage; Voices— #57

Tim Kelly-The Legend of Red Klotz— #165

Tinika Ross-SuperHERo Tales— #176

Tony Corbi-The Greensberg Dragons— #209

Tools For Justice-Eavesdropping On Bar Talk— #205

Turning Stone choice-Angst by Christopher Avery— #207

Usborne Books and More-Children's Educational Books— #35, 37

West Jersey Chapter NRHS-History Books; Publications— #201

William J.Riley-Healing in the Hurting Places— #94

Winnie Radolan-Paper Maker— #404 Loompland

Winthuysen Foundation, Inc.-Winthuysen Paintings Catalog— #93

WXPN-Sponsor— #Library

Zach Lichtmann-Dynamo— #114

Zane North Elementary School-PTA Fundraiser— #34


Biff Price-Author— #228

Nicole Numes-Girl's Self-Esteem/Short Hair is Awesome Too!— #227

Painted Bride Quarterly/Drexel-— #127

Sherrie Yvette- Books, Poetry

2014 Collingswood Book Festival

2013 Archives

11th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
October 1 - October 5, 2013

Workshops/Lectures/Book Appraisals:

Workshops and Events: October 1 - October 5

Tuesday, October 1, 7:00pm - Collingswood Library
Town Book Discussion. Join your fellow readers in a discussion of The End of Your Life Book Club, Will Schwalbe’s inspiring memoir of a son and his mother who start a “book club” of two that brings them together as her life comes to a close. A New York Times Best Seller, the book was named an Entertainment Weekly Best Book of the Year. Author Will Schwalbe will speak and sign his book at the Book Festival, October 5 at 1:00pm.

Wednesday, October 2, 1:00pm-4:00pm - Community Center
Sages of Ages. A special fun-filled afternoon featuring authors, games, and prizes for attendees aged 50-plus. Guest authors include: Linda Todd and Cheryl Tapp, If Beaches Could Talk - a fun book about beach etiquette and Jeffrey M. Dorwart, Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh 1680--1762: Building the Quaker Community of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Also speaking is David Donahue, owner of the largest book restoration bindery in the Mid-Atlantic area. Individuals and groups are welcome. Free, reservations suggested: 856-854-3705.

Saturday, October 5, Noon-2:00pm - Collingswood Library Entrance
Book Appraisals. John Freas, member of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, will do appraisals. A $5.00 donation is suggested (includes up to five books).

Saturday, October 5, 1:00pm - 2:00pm - Collingswood Cloud Auditorium (Haddon Ave. opposite the library)
Cartooning and Comic Art Class
For kids 8 and up. Kids create their own hand-drawn comic books with The Cartoonist Classroom of Collingswood. Professional artist Doug Slack demonstrates how to draw characters and tell stories through comics. Paper and pencils provided, just bring your own imagination. Sign up/info on Facebook The Cartoonist Classroom of Collingswood.

Tent 1: Adult Authors

Judy Wicks, Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer

Panel Discussion: This Writing Life Moderated by Library Director Brett Bonfield
Lisa Zeidner, Love Bomb
Pam Jenoff, The Ambassador’s Daughter
Gerald Kolpan, Magic Words: The Tale of a Jewish Boy-Interpreter, the World’s Most Estimable Magician, a Murderous Harlot, and America’s Greatest Indian Chief

Larry Kane, When They Were Boys: The True Story of the Beatles’ Rise to the Top

Will Schwalbe, The End of Your Life Book Club (Town Book)

Panel Discussion: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Moderated by Glen Macnow
Christopher Frankie, Nailed! The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra
Allen Barra, Mickey and Willie: Mantle and Mays, the Parallel Lives of Baseball’s Golden Age
Larry Platt, Just Tell Me I Can't: How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time

Matthew Goldberg, Billy Vargus, Joe Vallee, Ryan Downs, A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against The National Media


Lisa Airey, Touching the Moon
Jon McGoran, Drift

Tent 2: Teens & Tweens

All Day
Book Signings - Meet Young Adult Authors

Grade 4 (Meet in Library 2nd Floor Teen Area.)
Nancy Viau, Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head

Grade 7
Jordan Sonnenblick, After Ever After

Grade 5 (Meet in Library 2nd Floor Teen Area.)
Elissa Brent Weissman, Nerd Camp

Grade 6
Rose Kent, Rocky Road

Grade 9
Kathleen Benner Duble, Phantoms in the Snow

Panel Discussion: Publishing Your First Novel
Alison Ashley Formento, Twigs
Kit Grindstaff, The Flame in the Mist
David Lubar, Extremities: Stories of Death, Murder, and Revenge
Evan Roskos, Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets

Panel Discussion: What’s the Buzz in YA Fiction - Fantasy or Realism?
Ellen Jensen Abbott, Watersmeet; The Centaur’s Daughter
Ty Drago, The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses
Elisa Ludwig, Pretty Crooked
James Mascia, High School Heroes

Tent 3: Children's Authors & Entertainers

Danny and Kim Adlerman, Mommy’s Having a Watermelon

Artie Bennett, Poopendus; The Butt Book
Dar Hosta James, Animalization; Doggie Do!; If I Were A Tree

Jane Kirkland, Take A Walk series
David Lubar, Weenies series

Rock Doves - Kim West and Daniel Cole

Kathy O’Connell of WXPN Kids Corner
Summer Reading Awards and Presentations

Nancy Viau, Storm Song; Look What I Can Do!

Alison Formento, These Bees Count!; These Seas Count!
Juliette Watts, Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree Down?

Judy Schachner, Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones
Ann Malaspina, Heart On Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President

Robert Agnello, Glimmers; Eli the Snazzleraffer
Marcie Aboff, Healthy Eating series; Data Mania series

Two of a Kind, Family Album; So Many Ways to Be Smart


10:00am - 4:00pm
E.B. Lewis, I Love My Hair!; I Want To Be Free; Night Boat to Freedom

Noon - 2:00pm
Dan Gutman, Roberto and Me; My Weird School; The Talent Show

Children's Play & Story Area

Loompaland Alley (Irvin Avenue)

10:00am - Sara O’Brien and the Community Rocks Kids!
10:30am - Yogawood
11:00am - Buddy’s Big Dream
11:30am - The Bug Lady
12:20pm - Author Phyllis Hazelet
12:30pm - Music by Danny and Kim Adlerman
12:50pm - Author Tim Young
1:00pm - Youth Stages Play Shop “Sing a Song All Day Long”
1:30pm - Puppet Show by the Library Staff
1:50pm - Author Jim Romer
2:00pm - Youth Stages Play Shop
2:30pm - Baze and His Silly Friend
3:00pm - Kenkojuku Karate
3:20pm - Author Galen Longstreth
3:30pm - Collingswood Patch

Loompaland Craft Area & Children's Exhibits

Collingswood Library Craft Tent
Collingswood Fire Engine
Abrakadoodle Art Education
First Baptist Church of Collingswood, “Make Your Own Book”
Winnie Radolan, Paper Maker
The Bug Lady’s Bug Collection
Garden State Discovery Museum, “Put Yourself in a Bubble”
Turtle Parties
Saddler’s Woods Conservation Center
Paws for Reading, Mt. Laurel Library
Chrysa Smith, Author
duckduckgoose and Eilandarts Center
Collingswood Patch
Fit Kids Tumblebus
Fairmont & Queen Village Art Center
Community Rocks!

Special Events: Tent 4

10:30am & 1:00pm
Children’s Program: Daryl Cobb, author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor presents two special performances including his newest books Henry Hare’s Floppy Socks, Greta’s Magical Mistake, Pirates: The Ring of Hope and Mr. Moon. His popular CDs Dreaming and Fairytales will be featured in his program.

Paul Evans Pederson, Jr., The Legendary Pine Barrens: New Tales from Old Haunts. Listen to a gifted storyteller as he delivers a literary feast for Pine Barrens enthusiasts. These are not your traditional Pine Barrens legends!

Susan Beth Lehman, Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again. An entertaining discussion focusing on the author’s interviews with several Oscar, Emmy and Tony Winners.

Poetry Events
Peace in the Present Tense - A Full Six Hours of Poetry Events You’ll Love!

Young Poets - Putting Words to Peace.
Readings/contest by poets ages 7 to 13, hosted by Anna Evans (sponsored by The Pop Shop).

Anna Evans, editor of both The Raintown Review and the formal poetry e-zine The Barefoot Muse gives fascinating insights into some of her recent works.

How to Haiku - Life, War and Peace.
Workshop shows how to turn special moments into memorable Haiku. Display your poem on the Haiku Wall of Poetry.

Dawn Leas and Joan Hanna

Lamont “Napalm” Dixon-Spoken Word Poetry Workshop.
Performance poetry star brings alive the excitement of the spoken word.

Msgr. Michael Doyle - Poetry for Peace.
Nationally-recognized poet-priest, community leader, and well-known voice for peace, reads and talks about his work.

BJ Ward - The World of Ward.
A favorite at the poetry tent and other major venues, Ward shares poems from his book Jackleg Opera: Collected Poems 1990-2013.

Grand Poetry Slam hosted by Brother Daoud Bey of Arts4Teens and Poetry in the Park.

Special Open Mic.

All Day (Outside the tent)
Poetry Plaza Events - Poets, signings, materials on poetry events, 6th Annual Wall of Haiku, Poettatts for kids, Brigid’s House Guerilla Poetry.


Abrakadoodle- Art Education—#405
    abrakadoodle.com, Loompalandbr>

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA- Quran Exhibition, Autobiographies—#176

Al Lohn-Sacred Blood; The Old Lady and the River; They Followed the Call—#147

Albert DeBenedictis-Evolution or Creation? A Comparison of the Arguments—#102

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Alice Benton-Autumn’s Five Seasons; Beauty in Pain; Black Love—#145

Alison M. Wilkom-Crawfish Jesse: A Soldiers Diary 1893-1918—#169

Alvin G. Brown-Two Tan Lions—#129
American Vegan Society- Books, Magazines—#146

Andi O’Connor-The Lost Heir—#85

Andy Rane-Multiples of Six, Divisible by Six—#106

Ann Sequeiva-No More Germs Please: A Children’s Educational Book on Handwashing—#140

Anslie Abraham-Why Evil Rules-If God is...—#116

Antoinette Gelin-Dream Princess and Captain Underfish—#170

Apiary Magazine- Literary Arts Magazine—#134

Arnold Jaffe-Decision—#117

Arx Publishing- Historical Fiction, History and Language Studies—#69

Barbara Steingas-Germans Are Funny, Too; The Healing Puzzle—#152

Barefoot Books- Games, Puzzles, Books, Puppets—#44

Barry Jordan, Jr./Author Atlas Jordan-Mom! What’s That?, Grandma! Can I Get a Dog?—#155

B-Ball for Life Foundation, Inc.- Used Books —#308

Beneficial Bank- Financial Literacy—#165

Bernadette Lagonella-Before I Was Born —#173

Beth Rinyu- Romance Novels: Drowning In Love; The Exception To the Rule —#138

Betsy Thomson-Meditation, My Friend—#222

Bob Esposito-First Male Born Series—#111

Bob O’Connor Books- Historical Novels—#3

Box Turtle Press Book Arts and Miniature Books—#198

Brigitte Goldstein- Historical Novels—#143

Bubbie The Book Lady-Carol Kasser - Books, DVD’s—#33

Camden County- Sponsor—#Library

Camden County Branch AAUW - Used Books —#301

Camden County Library System- Information—#Library

Carol Hamburger- Children’s Rhyming Books for All Ages—#48

Carrie Watson- At Low Tide, Falling Over the Finish Line—#13

Cartoonist Classroom of Collingswood- Promotional—#29
    cartoonist classroom of Collingswood@fb

Cassandra Ulrich- A Beautiful Girl—#99

Chris Ryan- City of Woe; Bad Reputation—#16, 18

Christian Science Reading Room- Christian Book Store—#77

Christine Dougherty- Genres of Horror, Paranormal Psychological Thrillers—#172

Christine Hughes Torn YA Novel; Three Days of Rain-Women’s Fiction —#81

Chrysa Smith- Author —#403, Loompaland

Collingswood Book Trader- Used Books —#62

Collingswood Community Theatre- CCT Cookbooks—#31

Collingswood Friends of the Library- Information —#Craft Tent, Loompaland

Collingswood High School Art Dept.- Paper Crafts from Recycled Book Pages—#72

Collingswood High School PTA- Used Books —#320

Collingswood High School Varsity Cheerleading- Lollipops —#Loompaland Area

Collingswood Library- —#Craft Tent, Loompaland

Collingswood Patch- —#402, Loompaland

Collingswood Shakespeare Co., Inc.- Advertise Fall Production—#100

Community Rocks —#414, Loompaland

Courier Post- Sponsor —#Library

Cyd Webster- Struck By Lightning—#11

Dalen Keys- Just a Quilt; The Mess, and Quilt Patterns For Each Book—#164

Dar Hosta- Art/Books—#46

Dark Quest Books/Garden State Fiction Writers- Multiple Authors —#202-205

David Donahue - Book and Bible Restoration—#47

David S. Tanz- Mystery Crime Thrillers —#112

Dawn Turner Books —#304

Deadly Ink- Mystery Books—#200

DeeDee’s Dozens of Books- Used Books —#315

D. Hewitt- Used Books —#307

Do And You Will Learn: Children’s Book in Paperback & Interactive Apps —#175

Double Dragon Publishing- Books—#153

Dr. Cadmus S. Hull - The Black History Bowl Books—#67

duckduckgoose and Eilandarts Center-—#401, Loompaland
    duckduckgooseplayroom.com, eilandarts.com

Eight Women Writers- The Sandcastle Mysteries, by Pen Name AMEA LAKE—#157

Eileen K. Parsons- The First Rose of Summer—#104

Entelechy Education, LLC.- Children’s Books—#14

Extraordinary Ed- Books, Games, Puzzles—#9

Fairmont & Queen Village Art Center —#412

Fenham Publishing- Horror and Mystery Books by C.M. Eddy, Jr.—#121

First Baptist Church of Collingswood- “Make Your Own Book”—#406 Loompaland

Fit Kids Tumblebus- —#419, Loompaland

FLP Poets Joan Hanna & Dawn Colangelo Leas- Poetry Books—#36
    joanhanna.com, dawnleas.com

Food Bank of South Jersey- Information—#30

Fred Gibson,Jr.- Perception Is Reality Series —#64

Gail Priest- Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise—#132

Garden State Discovery Museum—#416, Loompaland

Gary Faucett- A Team to Remember—#160

George Reagan -Long Shot, Somewhere Between Slim and None—#188

Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ-Twin Pikes Service Unit- Info/Membership—#206

Girl Scouts Troop 30168- Book Related Crafts—#208

Giftus R. John- Books and Photo Posters—#128

Glenda Rose- Book and CDs—#154

Good Shepherd Catholic School- School Promotion—#180

Harry Aderton- Heaven’s Night—#115

Hartman Books- Used Books —#321

Hollace Friedman- From Baseball Mitts to Oven Mitts-A Mothers of Sons Cookbook—#137

Iesha Barnes- A Long Journey with God—#1

If Beaches Could Talk- A Fun Book About Beach Etiquette—#66

Jack Hillman- Electronic and Print Books—#168

JarBooks- Used Books—#314

Jason Robert- Hidden World—#123

Jean McKie-Sutton- -The Fruits of Our Sins—#141

Jeanine Reed- Small Indulgences—#80

Jeanne Buesser- He Talks Funny—#68

Jennifer Grocki- From A to Zamboni; From A to Zone D—#107

Jennifer Lawson- Love Day, Celebrate Your Differences—#189

Jennifer Scardino- My Backyard Is for the Birds —#124

Jennifer Wilck- Romance Writer: Skin Deep; A Heart of Little Faith—#97

Jenny Baskwell-The Unflingable Fling—#177

Jessica Dimuzio, Johnny Angel- Bark, Bark, Bark for My Park—#185

Jessie Crawford,Jr.- Children’s Books Series—#74

Jill Maser-The White Horse Pike, The Black Horse Pike—#70

Jim Romer- ARRRGGGHHH Ink-Children’s Picture Books—#35

Joanna Swank- Ask Me about My Books- Anyone Can Be a Novelist—#54-57

Jody’s Book Jubilee- Christian/Inspirational Books—#7

Joe Sergi- Young Adult/Horror/SciFi/Comic Book Writer—#76

Joseph Minardi- Historic Architecture Books of Philadelphia—#125

K. Edwin Fritz- Man Hunt, Night Storms, Cover of Darkness—#197

K. Michael Crawford/Happily Ever Art- First of Their Kind Drawing Books—#127

Ken Conklin- Don’t Thank Me, Thank Your Recruiter—#79

Kenny X - YA Sci-Fi Trisk—#151

Kevin Convery-The Golden Thread; Travels on the Night Sea—#114

Kevin Lewis- KJ’s Adventures—#103

Kids for Peace and L.O.V.E. —#186

Kimberly Sentek- Children’s Books—#223

Kippy Berryfoote- Children’s Book by Robert Lunsk—#87

Kristen Fischer-When Talent Isn’t Enough—#225

Kristine Bowe- Seers—#108

K’s Used Books- —#317

Laura Delguercio- Graveyard Shifts—#133

Laurel Lund- When Glory Got Her Glow Back: A Glowworm’s Tale—#101

Leanora Marie Regan- Only the Thought of Hopelessness—#220

Legacy Gift Books- Rob Wolfe, Author/ Publisher—#216

Lia-Ria Adventures-- Children’s Books —#199

Liberty States Fiction Writers- Non-Profit Writing Group—#19,21

Liela Marie Fuller- Life’s Reflection—#34

Life Journey’s Writers Club—#42

Lisa Airey- Touching The Moon—#50

Lisa Regan- Finding Claire Fletcher; Aberration—#131

Lorraine Agnew- Adult Novels: Beau, Eloise; Children-Go Fish; Melissa the Magnificent—#182

Louis J.Pecsi- The Awakened Poe, Nosferatu The Untold Origin—#187

Lynn Bardowski- Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl—#98

Magdaline Desousa- The Forgotten Mourners: Sibling Survivors of Suicide—#120

Marc Vun Kannon- Author Guy-Books—#63, 65

Marchelle Perkins- C.E.O. of Crimes against Women and Children-Information—#8

Margaret Brown- Poetry: Short and to the Point—#118

Margaret Hager- Farewell, Samsara—#40

Mark Dennion- The References; Matt Dennion-Black Coat Press—#136

Mark McEllroy- Used Books—#318

Mark Newbie School Scholastic Book Fair- Children’s Books —#23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Marlene Franchetti- Used Books—#302

Maryann Kelly- Used Books—#309

Maverick Duck Press- Poetry Chapbooks—#171

McCullough Books.com- The Grand Hall Character Ball; Marshall & Planet Saurus—#135

Michael Rushnak- Medical Mystery Thrillers—#91

Michele Lynn Seigfried- Red Tape; Tax Cut—#109

Michele Mystic- Mystic Creations Bookmarks—#90

Mona Rodriquez- Forty Years in a Day—#122

Money Management For Teen$- Teens Finance Books—#94

Mr. Sunny Sunshine Series —#215

Murphy Writing Seminars- Workshops, Retreats, and Resources for Writers—#110

Mykytok Creations- The Coin; Dark Visions; The Witch’s Curse; Bloodhunt—#96

Nadege Nicoll- Living With Grown-Ups: Raising Parents—#174

Nadler Books- Used Books—#306

Nathan Levy Books, LLC-Educational Books—#15,17

New Jersey Renaissance Faire- Interactive Entertainment—#45

Norma Segal- Amoebas to Zebras: The Animal Zoo of Limericks—#139

Omar Sharif- I Have Named Her Inspiration—#2

Painted Bride Quarterly- Literary Magazine Sales/Drexel Promotion—#71

Parent Success.Com- Practical Books for Parents—#22

Patricia Craven- Messages From the Heart My Journey My Journal Vol.1-5—#78

Patricia Goebel- We Are Their Voices: Remembering Our Murdered Loved Ones—#183
    Facebook:We Are Their Voices

Patricia Perry- The Haunting of the Owens Family—#178

Patrick Walsh- Used Books—#322

Patti Sheehy- The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom—#113

Pavilion Press- Book Publisher—#51

Paws for Reading, Mt. Laurel Library —#410, Loompaland

Perrin & Treggett- Used Books—#316

Peter Kowey, M.D.- Medical Mystery Novels: Lethal Rhythm; Deadly Rhythm—#49

Phiadelphia Science Fiction Society- Non-Profit Literary Club—#10,12

Philadelphia Great Books Council- New Book Sales—#84

Philadelphia Stories/PS Books- Free Literary Magazine/Small Press—#59

Philly 2 Philly.com- A Snowball’s Chance—#221

Pinky’s Mission, Inc.- History of Juvenile System & Civil Corruption in Pa.—#179

Plexus Publishing- Book Publishers—#53

Poehead.com- Edgar Allen Poe Inspired Items—#38

Rachelle Chaykin & Tracy Kuhn Greenlee- Her Mother’s Lover—#149

Rathalla Review- Non-Profit Literary Magazine—#61

Rebecca Hayes- Private Cathay, Buffalo Soldier—#93

Rhiannon Richardson- Teen Author- Model Friendship—#32

Richard Perry- The Seventh Angel of Armageddon—#178

Rosemary Harris- Mystery Author—#212

Roy Ziegler- The Parrys of Philadelphia and New Hope; Twilight of Separation—#88

Rutgers University Press- Regional Books—#167

Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association —#409, Loompaland

Scott Benner- Life’s Short, Laundry Is Eternal—#184

Scott Russell- Joey: Story of Former Middleweight Champion Joey Giardello—#159

Second Time Books- Used Books —#310,312

Shades of Poe at Collings-Knight House- Promote Production, Shades of Poe—#20

Shannon Guy- Coal—#4

Shirley O’Neill- The People of Pine Hill; Leapy—#161

Simply Inviting- Invitations for All Occasions,Calligraphy, Business Cards—#60

Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey- Promoting Equity for Female Mystery Writers —#95

SJ Boys Read!- Organization of Guys Encouraging Guys to Read—#130

Smith Publicity, Inc.- Book Publicity and Marketing Services—#119

Soldier from Heaven—#214

Sondra Dankel- One Lucky Pound Puppy—#58

South Jersey Writer’s Group- Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey—#52

Sports Challenge Network- PhilliesBooks, Kushka the Dog—#41,43

Staci J. Schwartz, M.D.- The New Bear on The Block—#221

St.Paul’s Lutheran Church- Information—#218,219

Stephen R. Coar- Seniorella & Other Assisted Fairy Tales; The Deadly Track—#181

Steven C. Lange- Breathing Room—#92

Steven Hart- American Dictators; We All Fall Down; Echo—#73

Stormwatch Comics- Comics, Books, Graphic Novels, Trade Paperbacks—#193-196

Stuart Clark- Project U.L.F. Series of Sci-Fi Adventure Books—#86

Stuff Shop- Books-Used Books, Puzzles, Prints —#305

Sue Whitmer- Collecting Dreams—#162

T. Johnson- Seasons of The Year; The Beach Club Vol.1: Magic Beach—#163

Tamra Carraher- Picture Book—#158

Temple University Press- Regional Books—#144

The Bug Lady’s Bug Collection —#400, Loompaland

The Head and The Hand Press: Craft Publisher of Quality Books—#217

The John Birch Society- U.S. Constitution, Current Events—#75

The New York Times-Newspaper Sales—#105

Thomas Herninko- Adult Fiction—#82

Tiffani L. Dance- Diamond Cut The Pain—#148

Tiffany Millner- 200 Something—#142

Tom Tancin- Promoting App Due in 2014, Bookmarks, Information—#156

Travis Greene- 30 Ballparks in 30 Days—#150

True North Church- Make Your Own Bookmarks—#191

Turtle Parties—#413, Loompaland

Usborne Books and More- Children’s Books—#37,39

Vindication Publishing, Inc.- The Vindication Project—#126

Vintageologie- Handcrafted Items—#224

Viral Cat Press- Jeremy Chikalto and the Hazy Souls; YA, Children, Poetry—#166

Wagner Wolf Publishing- So You Want to Be a Doctor—#213

Walk a Crooked Mile Books- Used Books —#303

Ware Resources and Publishing- Book Publisher—#6

Wayne’s World- Wayne & Jane Meyers Vintage Books—#313

West Jersey Chapter NRHS- Info and Artifacts of SJ Railroad System—#190

W. Hairston/Indie Book Exhibit- The Other Side of the Looking Glass—#201

W. Radziminski- Used Books —#311

Wild Dog Press-Laurence Eubank- Run down the Wind—#209

Winnie Radolan- Paper Maker—#404, Loompaland

Wragsink Publishing—#210

WXPN- Sponsor—#Library

Wyndmoor Press- Kenneth Goldberg-Fiction and Non-Fiction Books—#83

2012 Archives

10th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
September 8 - October 6, 2012

Workshops/Lectures/Book Appraisals:

September 8 through October 6, 792 Haddon Avenue
The Art of the Book II. The Collingswood Book Festival Gallery returns this year with The Art of the Book II. The exhibition runs for the month of September, opening with an Artist Reception on Saturday evening, September 8, 2012 from 5pm-9pm and closing with the festival Saturday, October 6, 2012. Original works and books by artists E.B. Lewis, Robert Byrd, Robert Hochgertel, Dar Hosta, Timothy Young, Barbara Patrizzi, Michael Dooling, Amanda D’Amico, Nicole Eiland and others will be on exhibit and available for purchase. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Friday 11am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-6pm.

Monday, October 1, 7:00pm, Collingswood Public Library
Town Book Discussion. Join your fellow readers in a discussion of The Submission, Amy Waldman’s riveting story of a post 9/11 Manhattan coming to grips with a memorial at Ground Zero. When a Muslim-American architect wins the blind submission contest, all segments of the community must grapple with the results. Named a New York Times Notable Book for 2011 and One of NPR’s 10 Best Novels of 2011. Author Amy Waldman will speak and sign her book at the Book Festival, October 6 at Noon.

Wednesday, October 3, 1:00pm-4:00pm, Collingswood Senior Community Center
Sages of Ages. A special, fun-filled, interactive afternoon featuring authors, games, and prizes for attendees aged 50-plus. Guest speakers are Sandra White-Grear and Bill Brahms authors of Haddon Township (Images of America Series) and Peter Murphy of Murphy Writing Seminars who will conduct a “hands-on” presentation. Individuals and groups welcome. Free, reservations suggested: 856-854-3705.

Saturday, October 6, All Day
Overdrive Digital Bookmobile. This 74 foot 18 wheel tractor-trailer is a community outreach vehicle promoting the free downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, and videos available through public libraries. Test drive some of the most popular players and readers and see how portable devices enhance your reading experience. If you haven’t read an eBook yet, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, October 6, 10:00am-11:00am Tent 2 (Haddon Avenue between Frazer and Fern)
eBooks: Revolutionary Technology or Pain in the Neck? eBooks began outselling print books at Barnes & Noble and Amazon over a year ago. How will this change in how most new books are sold affect you? How will it affect authors, publishers, and libraries? What do you need to know in order to make sure you’re still able to get the books you want at a price you can afford? Join Collingswood Library Director Brett Bonfield for a short presentation with plenty of time for Q & A.

Saturday, October 6, Noon-2:00pm Collingswood Library Entrance
Book Appraisals. John Freas, member of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, will appraise up to five books for a $5.00 donation. If you think rare books have to be old volumes from centuries ago - think again. Modern first editions can also be very valuable. Find out if you have a hidden treasure - old or new!

Schedule of Events

Tent 1: Adult Authors

Mark Kram, Jr., Like Any Normal Day

Bernie Parent, Journey through Risk and Fear

Amy Waldman, The Submission (Town Book)

Al Meltzer and Robert S. Lyons, Big Al: Fifty Years of Adventures in Sports Broadcasting

Tony Auth with David Leopold, The Art of Tony Auth: To Stir, Inform and Inflame

Liz Moore, Heft


Joe Samuel Starnes, Fall Line
Camille DeAngellis, Petty Magic: Being the Memoirs and Confessions of Miss Evelyn Harbinger, Temptress and Troublemaker
Mark Di Ionno, The Last Newspaperman
Ken Bingham, The Greatest Phillies Clubs of All Time
Paul Lisicky, Unbuilt Projects

Greg Landry and Robert Hochgertel, The ABC’s of Philadelphia

Tent 2: Teens & Tweens, Philly Liars Club, KidLit AuthorsClub

All Day
Book Signings—Meet Young Adult Authors

Grade 4 - Collingswood Library, 2nd Floor Teen Area.
Lisa Funari-Willever, Nicky Fifth’s Passport to the Garden State

Grade 5 Book Discussion
Rob Buyea, Because of Mr. Terupt

Grade 6 Book Discussion
Pat Hughes, Five 4ths of July

Grade 9 Book Discussion
A.S. King, Everybody Sees the Ants

Panel Discussion — Reaching Out to Young Adult Readers
Ellen Jensen Abbott, The Centaur’s Daughter; Watersmeet
Charlotte Bennardo, Sirenz; Sirenz Back in Fashion
Barbara Dee, Solving Zoe; Trauma Queen
Elisa Ludwig, Pretty Crooked
Aaron Starmer, DWEEB; The Only Ones

Tent 3: Children's Authors & Entertainers

Danny and Kim Adlerman, Mommy’s Having a Watermelon

Artie Bennett, Poopendus; The Butt Book
Tiffany Strelitz Haber, The Monster Who Lost His Mean

Dar Hosta, Animalization; Doggie Do!; If I Were A Tree
Alyssa Capucilli, World of Biscuit (First I Can Read Series)

Kathy O’Connell, Award Winning Host of WXPN Kids Corner

Summer Reading Awards and Presentations

Ernie and Neal, Music for the Young Mind

Alison Formento, These Bees Count; This Tree Counts!
Carole Robinson, On the Way to Cape May

Jane Kirkland, Take a Walk Series
Karen O’Lone-Hahn, Millicent and the Faraway Moon

Marcie Aboff, Healthy Eating; First Facts: Data Mania Series
James Mascia, Paris Pig and the Big Bully

Two of A Kind, Family Album; So Many Ways to Be Smart


E.B. Lewis, I Love My Hair!; I Want to Be Free; Night Boat to Freedom
Alan Katz, Karate Pig; Going, Going, Gone!

Dan Gutman, Roberto and Me; My Weird School Daze Series; The Talent Show

Children's Play & Story Area

Loompaland Alley (Irvin Avenue)

10:00am, Yogawood
10:30am, Puppet Show, The Frog Princess, Library Staff
11:00am, The Bug Lady
11:45am, Kathy Steel, author, entertainer, Meet Sally the Sea Star
Noon, Authors Alyssa Capucilli and Denise Mortensen
12:30pm, Kenkojuku Karate
1:00pm. Paws for Reading, Judy Burr, her dog Wilson and Julie Binger
1:30pm, Music Together with Madeline Knott
2:00pm, D.U.E. Season Charter School
2:30pm, Music by Danny and Kim Adlerman
3:00pm, KidLit authors Patricia Intriago, Tiffany Strelitz Haber, and Timothy Young
3:30pm, Collingswood Patch

Loompaland Craft Area & Children's Exhibitors

Collingswood Library Craft Tent
Collingswood Fire Engine
Winnie Radolan, paper maker
Bonnie Booker, face painter
Garden State Discovery Museum
Food Bank of South Jersey
Chrysa Smith, author, Halloween crafts
Paws for Reading sponsored by the Mt. Laurel Library
Philadelphia Calligraphers’ Society
The Bug Lady’s bug collection
Collingswood Rotary Club
Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association
First Baptist Church of Collingswood
Collingswood Patch
Gymboree Play and Music of Cherry Hill
Abrakadoodle Art Education
Fit Kids Tumblebus

Tent 4: Special Events

10:30am & 1:30pm
Children’s Program: Daryl Cobb, author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor presents two special performances featuring his many works including his newest books Pirates: The Ring of Hope and Mr. Moon. His popular CD’s Dreaming and Fairytales will be featured in his program.

Tent 5: Poetry Events

All Day
Haiku Wall of Poetry, information table for local poetry groups and sales by participating poets, book signings, Guerilla Poetry exhibit.

Children’s Poetry Contest/Organic Poetry. Judge and host Anna Evans (sponsored by The Pop Shop).

Writing workshop with Peter Murphy of Murphy Writing Seminars. Work off fun prompts to write a new poem with a short reading of new works to follow.

Italian–American Poets hosted by the Sons of Italy: Tribute to Haiku Master Nick Virgilio; Remembering the poetry of Antonio Pisano; new works by J.T. Barbarese, award winning poet and Rutgers professor.

Spoken word artist Lamont Dixon/Napalm Bomb: Free Style Poetry Workshop.

Occupy Poetry: Several South Jersey poetry groups each present one poem celebrating the human experience.

Open Mic hosted by Brother Daoud Bey of Poetry in the Park/Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission and Arts for Teens.

A Freedom Books Productions-Hard Bound Books and Journals—#122

Alfred R. Senni-The Fixer; The Medallion—#153

A.M. Boyle-Sentry’s Past: Veil of Darkness; The Black Whole; Holiday of the Dead—# 179

Abrakadoodle-Art Education—#Irvin Avenue

Alan Squire Publishing-Rose Solari and James J. Patterson—Site #7

Albert DeBenedictis-Evolution or Creation? A Comparison of the Arguments—#143

Alfred R. Senni-The Fixer; The Medallion—#153

Alison Wilkom-Crawfish Jesse: A Soldier’s Diary 1893-1918—#168

Alyssa Pierce-Caroline and Rebecca Series—#18

Ambassador (Retired) Theresa A. Tull-A Long Way from Runnemede—#155

Antoinette Gelin-Dream Princess, Captain Underfish—#203

Arx Publishing-Book Publisher Display—#80

Author Guy-Marc Vun Kannon-Books, Rubber Ducks—#61, 63

Barbara Patrizzi-Artist/Author-O is For Oystercatcher—#121

Barefoot Books-Publisher of Books for Babies to Young Adults—#196

Barnes & Noble-Book Sales, Sponsor—#Library

Bella Grace-Adult, Teen, Children, and Inspirational Books—#154

Bob Esposito-First Male Born Series—#2

Bob O’Connor Books, LLC-Historical Novels—#3

Bonnie Booker-Face Painter

Books-R-Us-Herb Stubbs-New Children’s Books—#14, 16

Box Turtle Press-Book Arts, Paper Based Jewelry—#199

Branch Isole-Barking Geckos; Crucibles; Seduction—#71

Brina Courtney-Cryptid Tales Series, Reveal and Capture; Summer in Salem—#166

Bubbie The Book Lady-Books, Bookbags, DVD’S—#33

Buddies 4 Ever, LLC.-Buddy’s Rainy Day; What’s Wrong Buddy?—#127

Burning Bulb Publishing-Featuring Gary Lee Vincent and Rich Bottles, Jr.—#120

Bushbaby Press-The Big Stink, Maggie Mitchell; Louie Licks, Gaetan Pappalardo—#110

Camden County-Sponsor—#Library

Camden County Branch AAUW-Used Books—#406

Camden County Library-Information—#Library

Carley Moore-The Stalker Chronicles; P. G. Kain-Commercial Breaks—#114

Carol Guchek-Children’s Picture Books—#119

Carol Lynn Scherling-Blondie Goes to Hollywood—#99

Carol Roth-Children’s Picture Books; Bedtime Stories—#31

Carol Schultz Vento-The Hidden Legacy of World War II—#109

Carole Hamburger-Books for All Ages—#62

Carole Robinson-On the Way to Cape May—#29

Carrie Watson-Low Tide—#213

Cassandra Ulrich-A Beautiful Girl—#4

Cecilia’s Fitness Adventure by Dyann Paoline—#170

Charles Buchheim-Inspired Teaching—#49

Cheryl Baisden-Images of America Series—#8

Christian Science Reading Room-Christian Book Store—#57

Christine Dougherty-Genres of Horror, Paranormal Psychological Thrillers—#96

Christine Hughes-YA Author-Torn—#94

Christopher Harnedy-Roddy Boy—#156

Christopher Ryan-City of Woe—#205

Christy Sloat and Katherine Pollilo-YA Fiction/Paranormal Romance—#105

Chrysa Smith-Author, Halloween Crafts—#Irvin Ave.

Code Centaurus-A SciFi, Suspense Novel by Francis Lentz—#48

CollingsLab—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood Book Trader-Used Books—#64

Collingswood Fire Department-Fire Engine—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood Friends of the Library-Information—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood High School Varsity Cheerleaders-—#Loompaland Area

Collingswood Patch-—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood Public Library-Children’s Literary Crafts—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood Rotary Club-—#Irvin Ave.

Collingswood Shakespeare Company-Promotion of Theatrical Productions—#128

Coming Forward-Keith McCormick—#181

Cris Pfeil-A Shepherd’s Rod; Miracles Happen Outside the Box; The Right Blood—#160

Cyd Webster, Author-HB; Struck by Lightning and Other Bolts of Reality—#5

D.C. Stone-Shadow of Darkness—#149

D. Hewitt-Quality Used Art and Scholarly Books—#408

D.U.E. Charter School-Interactive Writing Project and Pick Up a Present—#35

Dar Hosta-Art/Books—#46

Dark Quest Books-Multiple Authors Signing—#182, 183, 184, 185

Darlene Hunter-Overcoming the Obstacles, Releasing the Winner in You—#124

David Livewell-Author of New Poetry Book, Shackamaxon—#130

Dawn Turner Books-Used Books—#403

Demarche Publishing, LLC-Book Vendor—#174

Dr. Derrick Ministries-Workbooks for Husbands and Wives—#131

Dolores A. Kelly, Ed.D-Albert’s Journey: Footprints of an Immigrant—#47

Donna Gottardi-Raining Cats and Rats—#55

Donna M. Zappala-Albert’s Perfect Pet; What Kind of Turtle Am I?—#60

Dr. Cadmus S. Hull-The Black History Bowl—#159

Early Childhood Environments-Creating Literacy Rich Environments—#190

Erika Liodice-Empty Arms: A Novel—#115

Erin Owen-Refuel, Recharge, Re-energize: Take Back Control of Your Time & Energy—#50

Evan Quitelle-Poetry-Indian Summer; Signals of Smoke and Ash—#40

Extraordinary Ed.-Variety of Books, Puzzles, and Games—#9

Fanstory.com-An Online Writing Community for Writers—#117

First Baptist Church of Collingswood—#Irvin Ave.

Fit Kids Tumblebus—#Irvin Ave.

Food Bank of New Jersey—#Irvin Ave.

Francis X. Tenaglio-A Declaration of American Intentions—#167

Fred Gibson, Jr.-Perception Is Reality Series—#68

Garden State Discovery Museum -#Irvin Ave.

Gary Faucett-A Team to Remember: 1955 Delaware Twp. Little League Team—#51

George Reagan-Long Shot-Somewhere Between Slim and None—#191

Get Productive Books-Tools & Techniques of Project Management for Parents—#104

Giftus John-Writer of Poetry and Short Stories with Caribbean Flavor—#145

Goodee Enterprises, Inc.-Educational Children’s Books—#69

Gymboree Play and Music of Cherry Hill—#Irvin Ave.

Hartman Books-Used Books

He Talks Funny by Jeanne Buesser—#113

HOOT-Literary Magazine on Postcards—#118

Hope Beyond Suicide- J Bruce Sofia—#214

If Beaches Could Talk: A Fun Book About Beach Etiquette by C.Tapp & L. Todd—#158

Images of America:West Deptford-April Maska & Noreen Mikulski Authors—#147

Ink Fish Press-Artist Books, Journals, Recycled Notebooks From Food Cartons—#189

James J. Cicalese-Used Books—#401

James Mascia-High School Heroes—#42

Jason Carr-Taking Off the Wheels—#77

Jason Robert-Hidden World—#108

Jean McKie-Sutton-The Fruits of Our Sins—#186

Jeanine M. Reed-Dessert Cookbook, Small Indulgences—#106

Jennifer Grocki-Sports Alphabet Picture Books—#37

Jennifer Wilck-A Heart of Little Faith; Skin Deep—#70

Jeremy A. Lifsey-Happiness Surrounds You: The Stamp Booklet Guide to Happiness—#73

Jerry Gallagher-Letters To A Lost Nation: A Watergate Chronicle—#195

Jessica Zellman-Odonata: City of Night—#161

Jessie Crawford, Jr.-Children’s Book Series—#74

Jill Maser-The White Horse Pike; The Black Horse Pike—#53

Jody’s Book Jubilee-Christian/Inspirational Books—#123

Joe Favale-101 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With a Hanger—#54

Joe Sergi-Young Adult/Horror/SciFi/Comic Book Writer—#72

Just One More Day in The Driver’s Seat-Nanci Rainey—#1

K. Michael Crawford-Childrens Books, First of Their Kind Drawing Books—#141

Karissa Thomas-Uncertainty to Confidence; Foolproof—#95

Kathleen Schoonover-When Collagen Fails; The Pony Tale—#163

Kathy Steel-Sally the Sea Star; Sally Saves Our Seas; Harry the Hairy Hippo—#11

Kelly Varesio-Insperatus; Infectus-Paranormal,-Historical Romance Novels—#81

Kevin Convery-Travels on the Night Sea; The Golden Thread—#129

Kevin Lewis-Children’s Adventure Books-KJ’s Adventures—#13

KFR Communications-Healing in the Hurting Places; Multiple Authors Signing—#135,137,139

Kippy Berryfoote by Robert Lunsk—#172

Kristine Olson-The Locke—#177

Kyle’s Used Books—#407

Lady Father-A Memoir—#93

Lands Atlantic Publishing-Teen Books—#146

Lazie Horse Publishing-Nancy Cates—#102

Learn and Color-Educational Coloring Books—#208

Lebe’s Used Book Sale—#414

Lee Fishman-Edge of a Dream—#144

Liberty States Fiction Writers-Multiple Authors Signing; Literature about LSFW—#132,134

Life Journey’s Writer’s Club—#44

Linda Beall/Rose Clayton-Children’s Authors—#45 fourpawsonecat.wordpress.com

Lisa Middleton, Patricia Middleton-Authors—#207

Lori J. Mann-Author, My Stagedoor Family—#79

Mamoo House Books for Kids-Who’s Not Asleep; One Big Hug—#19, 21

Margaret Brown-Inspirational Book/Poetry—#32

Mark Newbie Scholastic Book Sale—#23,24,25,26,27,28

Mark Dennion-The References—#178

Marlene A. Franchetti-Used Books—#404

Matthew Dennion-Faces of Fear-Tales of the Shadowmen 7—#178

Matthew Sorrento-The New American Crime Film—#188

Maverick Duck Press-Poetry (chapbooks)—#38

McCulloughBooks.Com-The Grand Hall Character Ball; Marshall & Planet Saurus—#169

Melissa Groeling-YA Author, Traffic Jam—#112

Messages From The Heart-My Journey My Journal—#78

Michael Rushnak-Medical Mystery Thrillers—#59

Monique Lynelle-My Journey at 30—#201

Mooshe Nickerson-Illustration and Caricature Artist Exhibit—#204

Mt. Laurel Library-Paws for Reading—#Irvin Ave.

Murphy Writing Seminars-Info on Workshops, Retreats, and Resources for Writers—#83

Mystic Creation Metal Bookmarks by Michele Mystic—#90

Northeastern Books-Historical Fiction—#200

N.J. Aid for Animals-Educational Literature—#180

On The Avenue Marketing-The New York Times—#67

OverDrive Digital Bookmobile—#Stiles Ave.

Over The Bridge Poems; Out of The Garden Poems-Helena Parisi—#34

Painted Bride Quarterly-Non-Profit Literary Magazine; Drexel Promotion—#20

ParentSuccess.Com-Practical Books for Parents—#84

Pat Valdata-Novels Crosswind; The Other Sister; Poetry, Inherent Vice—#136

Patricia A. Perry-The Haunting of the Owens Family—#162

Patrick Walsh-Used Books—#405

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Philadelphia Calligrapher’s Society-Bookmarks Written in Calligraphy—#133

Philadelphia Center for the Book-Book Arts Activity and Info Table—#197

Philadelphia Great Books Council-Brochures to Encourage Book Discussion—#89

Philadelphia Science Fiction Society—#10

Philadelphia Stories-Free Literary Magazine—#56

Plexus Publishing, Inc.-Book Publisher—#58

Poehead.com-Edgar Allen Poe Inspired Items—#30

Preschoolcdnow-Audio Stories on CD—#12

Princess and the Chocolate Castle; Atlas the Titan; Return to Glory—#202

Ralph Secinaro-Used Books

Read, Heart, and Soul Publications-Book Promotion—#206

R.E. Long-The Blood of Angels; Tomorrow’s Fish; The Telling of Waters—#193

Read Write Books-Handmade Books by Lee Bennett—#15

Rich Westcott-Baseball Writer and Historian—#126

Richard Perry-The Seventh Angel of Armageddon—#162

Robert Jensen-No More Tears Now—#125

Robin Hathaway-Mystery Novels—#65

Roy Ziegler-The Parrys of Philadelphia and New Hope—#66

S & S Booksellers-Used Books—#409

Saddler’s Woods Conservation Association—#Irvin Avenue

Samuel Bagby-Lily: The Story of a Life—#111

Save a Yorkie Rescue-Used Books, Dog Rescue Promotion #412

Scribble Scrabble Books-Julia Anderson-The Election—#17

Seena Rosenberry-Used Books—#411

Shawn R. Jones-Pictures in Glass Frames; Womb Rain—#140

Shayna Lear-Money on Purpose: Finding A Faith-Filled Balance—#198

Shirley O’Neill & Al O’Neill-The People of Pine Hill; LEAPY—#157

Simply Inviting-Used Books—#62a

Sisters in Crime Central Jersey-Supporters of Female Authors in the Mystery Genre—#22

Smith Publicity, Inc.-Exhibiting Books-All Genres—#97

Soledad Chavez-Plumley-Del Welfare a La Buena Vida—#176

Sports Challenge Network-Phillies, Phanatic Books and Kushka the Dog Books—#41, 43

St Paul’s Evangelical Luthern Church-Information; Art Projects—#173, 175

Still Legacy Society, Inc.-Still Family Biography and Autobiography Books—#76

Stormwatch Comics-New Books—#209, 210, 211, 212

Suzette Emilia-My Accidentally Fun Summer; Sofia’s Magical World—#165

T. Johnson-Seasons of the Year; The Beach Club: Vol.1 Magic Beach—#6

Tamu King-Lewis-Finally Free—#107

Temple University Press--Sale of Regional Interest Books—#116

The Bug Lady’s Bug Collection—#Irvin Avenue

The Homework Trap: How to Save The Sanity of Parents, Students, Teachers—#103

The John Birch Society-Educational-Current Events/U. S. Constitution—#101

The Writing Blueprint-Provides Editing, Partnership, and Publication for the Writer—#151

Thomas Herninko-Adult Books-Fiction-Novels—#75

Tiffany C. Millner-200 Something—#92

Townsend Press, Inc.-Great Moments in Sports; Ida B. Wells: A Woman of Courage—#142

Travis Greene-30 Ballparks in 30 Days: A Journal from the Road—#138

Trustworthy-Every Parents Nightmare-Diane E. Monte—#187

Turn The Page Publishing-Numerous Authors Signing—#86, 88

Turtle Light Press-Nick Virgilio /Poetry—#36

Turtle Parties—#Irvin Avenue

Ultra Media Publications-Daniel-Gary Holderman-The Heritage of Terra Series—#98, 100

Usborne Books and More-Children’s Books—#192, 194

Wagner Wolf Publishing-ale of Independently Published Books—#82

Walk a Crooked Mile Books-Used Books—

Wayne & Jane Meyers-Used Books—#413


West Jersey Chapter-National Railway Historical Soc.-Railroad History Books/Photos—#150, 152

Windsor Press and Publishing-Inside Out; The Turnaround—#85, 87

Winnie Radolan-Paper Maker—#Irvin Avenue


Wylmam Pub.-Would You Love Me As Much?—#91

You Can Get the Truth.com-You Can Fix the World—#164

You Do PR.com-Dan Smith/Catherine Trestini—#171

collsbook's Collingswood Book Festival 2012 album on Photobucket

2011 Archives

9th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
September 24 - October 1, 2011

Workshops/Lectures/Book Appraisals:

Saturday, September 24, 8:30am, Knight Park
5K Run & 1 Mile Family Fun Walk.Celebrate Collingswood Public Library's 100th Anniversary and support the library.Registration begins at 7:30am, $20 pre-registration for all 5K entries postmarked by September 14, 2011. $25 registration day of race, $15 registration for participants under age 18. $5 registration for Family Fun Walk, $20 for families of 4+ members (pre-registration or day of race). Medals will be awarded to male and female winners in 13 age-group categories, and trophies to overall winners. T-shirts and refreshments.Register at the library or download entry form at www.collingswoodbookfestival.com. Register online at www.tnteventmanagement.com under Events.Info, email friends@collingswoodlib.org or 865-858-0649. Sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Tuesday, September 27, 7:00pm, Collingswood Public Library
Town Book Discussion. Join your fellow readers in a discussion of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. Author Christopher McDougall will sign his book at the Book Festival, October 1 at 2:00pm.

Wednesday, September 28, 1:00pm - 4:00pm, Collingswood Senior Community Center
Sages of Ages. A fun-filled, interactive afternoon featuring authors, games, and prizes for the area's 50 plus citizens. Guest speakers are Colvin Randall, author of Longwood Gardens Christmas and many more. Individuals and groups welcome. Free, reservations suggested: 856-854-3705.

Saturday, October 1, 10:00am - 3:00pm, Collingswood Cloud Auditorium
Books 2 Eat Exhibit. All are invited to view the delicious, creative, bookish foods that have been entered in the Retrospect Best of the Fest "Books 2 Eat" Contest. Judges are local chefs and library staff. Winners will be announced at Noon. Contest rules and pre-registration info at www.collingswoodbookfestival.com.

Saturday, October 1, Noon - 2:00pm, Collingswood Library Entrance
Book Appraisals. John Freas, member of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, will appraise up to five books for a $5.00 donation. If you think rare books have to be old volumes from centuries ago - think again. Modern first editions can also be very valuable. Find out if you have a hidden old or new treasure!

Schedule of Events

Tent 1: Adult Authors

Jen Miller, The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May

Jerry Blavat, You Only Rock Once: My Life in Music
The Geator With The Heater will be interviewed by WXPN Program Director Bruce Warren.

Wesley Stace, Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer

George Anastasia and Glen Macnow, The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies

Christopher McDougall, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Mystery Writers of America Interactive Panel Discussion.
Who Will Be the Next Agatha Christie?
Mystery writers Rosemary Harris, Robin Hathaway, Kate Gallison, and J.J. Murphy will construct a mystery based on suggestions from the audience: location, nature of the crime, sleuth, victim, clues, suspects, red herrings, obstacles, and resolution. While results are usually quite funny, they also answer the question that readers most often ask authors: Where do you get your ideas?


Steve Bucci, Drinking Coffee With a Fork: The Story of Steve Carlton and the '72 Phillies

11:00am - 1:00pm
Allen Barra, Yogi Berra Eternal Yankee

1:00pm - 2:00pm
Mike Tanier, The Philly Fan's Code: The 50 Toughest, Craziest, Most Legendary Philadelphia Athletes of the Last 50 Years

1:00pm - 3:00pm
Les Bowen, Philadelphia Eagles: The Complete Illustrated History

Tent 2: Teens & Tweens, Philly Liars Club, KidLit AuthorsClub

10am to 4pm
Book Signings: Meet Young Adult Authors

Grades 4 and 5 Book Discussion
Nancy Viau, Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head

Grade 6 Book Discussion
Leslie Connor, Crunch; Waiting for Normal

Grade 8 Book Discussion
Adele Griffin, Tighter; Where I Want to Be

Philly Liars Club Panel Discussion, Liars Tell the Truth About Today's Publishing Revolution
Gregory Frost, Lyrec; Shadowbridge
Solomon Jones, The Last Confession; Payback
Marie Lamba, Over My Head; What I Meant...
Kelly Simmons, Standing Still: A Novel; The Bird House: A Novel
Merry Jones, Summer Session; Zoe Hayes Mystery Series
Keith Strunk, Prallsville Mills and Stockton (Images of America: New Jersey)
Keith R.A. DeCandido, Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon

KidLit Authors Club YA Panel Discussion
Ellen Jensen Abbott, The Centaur's Daughter; Watersmeet
Cyn Balog, Fairy Tale; Sleepless
Margie Gelbwasser, Inconvenient
Alissa Grosso, Popular
Amy Holder, The Lipstick Laws
Jennifer Hubbard, The Secret Year
Keri Mikulski, Stealing Bases; Head Games

Tent 3: Children's Authors & Entertainers

Danny and Kim Adlerman, Mommy's Having a Watermelon

Ann Malaspina, Yasmin's Hammer; Phillis Sings Out Freedom
Cynthia Chapman Willis, Dog Gone; Buck Fever

Dar Hosta, Animalization; Doggie Do!; If I Were A Tree
Toni De Palma, Jeremy Owl; Under the Banyan Tree

Kathy O'Connell Award Winning Host of WXPN Kids Corner
Summer Reading Awards and Presentations

Baze and His Silly Friends, Toddlerville; One Little Smile

Luigi Borda, Andiamo Luigi Series including Andiam...Let's Go:Luigi Discovers Philadelphia
Ryan Sias, Zoe and Robot - Let's Pretend; Are You Eating Something Green?

Margery Cuyler, Please Say Please!; Bullies Never Win
Marcy Aboff, Counting On a Win; The Pizza Palace; Data Mania

Denise Dowling Mortensen, Wake Up Engines; Good Night Engines

Two of A Kind, Family Album; So Many Ways to Be Smart


10:00am to 4:00pm
Michael Dooling, Young Thomas Edison
E.B. Lewis, I Love My Hair; I Want To Be Free; Night Boat to Freedom

Noon to 2:00 pm
Dan Gutman, Roberto and Me; My Weird School series; The Talent Show

Children's Play & Story Area

Loompaland Alley (Irvin Avenue)

10:00am, Jump Bunch
10:30am, Puppet Show, Collingswood Library Staff
11:00am, KidLit Authors Club
Noon, Meg Russell, Hat Parade
12:30pm, Yogawood
1:00pm, Chrysa Smith, The Adventures of the Poodle Posse, Christen Prete, The Great Penguini
1:30pm, Jubilee Children's Entertainment
2:00pm, Puppet Show
2:30pm, Collingswood Patch - Hula Hoop Contest
3:00pm, Music by Danny and Kim Adlerman

Loompaland Craft Area & Children's Exhibitors

Collingswood Library Craft Tent
Collingswood Fire Department
Jump Bunch
Tippie Toes Nursery School
Winnie Radolan, Paper Maker
Collingswood Rotary Club
Bon Bon's Parties and Events
Bonnie Brooker, Face Painter
Garden State Discovery Museum
Collingswood Patch
Camden Children's Garden
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society
First Baptist Church of Collingswood
Arden Children's Theatre

Tent 4: Special Events

10:30am & 1:30pm
Children's Program
Daryl Cobb, author, musician, singer/songwriter, and actor presents two special performances featuring his many works including his newest book, Pirates: Legend of the Snarlyfeet. Daryl's written work was originally created for his own two children as bedtime stories. His popular CDs Dreaming and Fairytales will be featured in his program.

Art Workshop
James Eugene is an illustrator and digital artist. He is the illustrator of Patterns Are Everywhere and An Upside Down Pattern Book. His work can be found on the covers of music CDs, clothing lines, and sports memorabilia. His work is about communication and transition with the goal to bring people together. The Art Workshop is free and open to everyone.

Luigi Borda: An Italian Experience in America
Louis "Luigi" Borda is a geography teacher at Masterman, Philadelphia's celebrated academic magnet school for accomplished students. The concept of his books is to help young readers learn about, not only the U.S. cities and states, but also the unique cultural attractions, natural wonders, amusement parks, sporting events, and special interesting 'factoids' about each particular city and state in each book. Accompanied by his little red "Philly Phiat", Luigi shares his story of immigrating to America.

Tent 5: Poetry Events

It's the Season for Young Poets
Sponsored by The Pop Shop restaurant, a reading/contest by poets 7 to 13. Hosted by poet, Anna Evans

Writing in the Moment
Poetry prompts workshop/reading, hosted by Dodge Poet B.J. Ward

Grand Poetry Slam
hosted by Brother Daoud Bey of Arts4Teens... come enjoy... it's where the fun is done!

Charles H. Johnson
West Deptford native/Vietnam Vet/Dodge poet, hosted by Tammy Paolino

Sandra Turner Barnes
Jazz and poetry/Harlem Renaissance/nationally recognized poet performs to a jazz background

Rafey Habib
Poet and educator presents his new poems, plus some of the beauty of past Middle East poetry

2:30pm- 3:15pm
Duo-ling Poets
A series of leading poets from this region, performing in interacting pairs... an exciting and lively event... including Anna Evans/Rachel Bunting from the Quick and Dirty Poets and Jersey Fresh (Tammy Paolino and Laurie Granieri), and�Charles and Lainey Johnson.

Open Mic
Hosted by special guests, Ron Gaskill and Susan Cavanaugh, editors of Jerseyworks.com, the popular online poetry journal

All Day
4th Annual Wall of Haiku
Come and try your own hand at Haiku and Senyru
The Nick Virgilio Haiku Association will provide pointers. Write your own and see it hung on display... read what others have done... the best submissions will be printed in the association's publication.


A.Roxie Graves-Children's Books—#113

Adam Ruben-Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School—#62

Albert DeBenedictis-Evolution or Creation? A Comparison of the Arguments—#123

Alex's Lemonade Stand-Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand—#Washington Ave.

Algonquin Round Table Mysteries-J.J.Murphy-Murder Your Darlings; Hair of the Dog—#70

Alison M. Wilkom-Crawfish Jesse: A Soldier's Diary 1893-1918—#157

Alyssa Pierce-Caroline and Rebecca: Rebecca Gets Into Trouble—#84

Andy Rane-Multiples of Six—#146

Antoinette Gelin-Captain Underfish; Dream Princess—#11

Arden Children's Theatre—#311
    www.ardentheatre.org, Irvin Ave.

Aronda Enterprises, LLC-Self Published Children's Book—#153

Artie Bennett-The Butt Book—#93

Ask Me About My Books.com-Joanna Swank/Marketable Concepts—#13 & 15

Author Guy-Marc Vun Kannon—#61 & 63

Barbara M. Darrell-Memoir of Travels—#112

Barbara Patrizzi-"O Is For Oystercatcher"—#48

Best Seller by Timothy B. Sagges—#152

Bob Esposito-First Male Born; Last Male Born; Last Male Born Revenge—#145

Bob O'Connor Books-Historical Novels—#3

Bon Bon's Party and Events—#305Irvin Ave.

Bonnie Booker-Facepainter—#307 Irvin Ave.

Signed and Collectible Books — #206

Books-R-Us-Discounted Children's Books—#33

Box Turtle Press-Book Arts, Paper Based Jewelry—#200

Anthony L. Duca-Boys Will Be Boys: Tales of a Father and His Sons—#16 >

Bradley Booth-I Apologize—#197

Bubbie the Book Lady-Miss Kayla's Tea Party; The Rainbow Wand and Other Stories—#105

Bullhorn Gypsy-Cassandra Allen-Fiction and Non-Fiction—#169

Calypso Editions, LLC-Martin Woodside—#176

Camden Children's Garden—Irvin Ave. #300

Career Quest Coaching-Marie Ralbusky-Information—#92

Carmen Ambrosio-Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause and Midlife with Hope, Courage & Humor—#118

Carol Lynn Scherling-Blondie Goes To Hollywood—#115

Carol Roth-Children's Picture Books-Bedtime Stories; Will You Still Love Me—#110

Carole Hamburger-Motivational Rhyming Tales for All Ages—#51

Carole Waterhouse-The Tapestry Baby; Without Wings—#7

Carolyn Dozier-Reflections-Love, Life and Spirit-Volume 1—#10

Carta Books-Handmade Books—#31

Cassandra Ulrich-A Beautiful Girl—#103

Charming Book Clips—#122

Cheryl Baisden-Images of America Series—#27

Cheryl E. Williams-When Love Stands Still, Move On—#135

Chris Willis-The Man Who Built the National Football League: Joe F. Carr—#141

Christian Science Reading Room-Christian Book Store—#75

Christopher Harnedy-Roddy Boy—#158

Codorus Press-Author Scott B. Pruden—#164

Collingswood Community Theatre-Information—#52

Collingswood Fire Department—Irvin Ave. #317

Collingswood Friends of the Library-Information about Friends/Library—#56

Collingswood High School Cheerleading-Lollipop Sales—#35

Collingswood Library Craft Tent—Irvin Ave. at Haddon

Collingswood Patch—Irvin Ave #310

Collingswood Rotary Club—Irvin Ave. #309

Collingswood Shakespeare Co.-Info about Productions—#47

Cris Pfeil-A Shepherd's Rod and Outside the Box—#121

Cyd Webster-Author of HB and Struck by Lightning—#1

Daniel-Gary Holderman-The Heritage of Terra Series

Dar Hosta-I Love The Night; I Love The Alphabet, Doggie Do—#54

Dawn Turner Books—#217

Demarche Publishing, LLC—#120

Denise Jeffries-Romantic Suspense—#101

Dolores A. Kelly, Ed.D-Albert's Journey: Footprints of an Immigrant—#183

Dolores Terry/Venliyah Publishing—#117

Donna Gottardi-Raining Cats and Rats—#98

Dr Harold Kirsh-Thank You America—#55

Elaine A. Kelly-Among the Buildings That Touch The Sky—#21

Elena Santangelo-Mystery Series—#66

Ellen Parry Lewis-Young Adult Novel: Future Vision—#34

F. Wyman Morgan-Purr, The Novel—#149

Fantastic Books-Publisher of Speculative Fiction—#156

Fenham Publishing-Horror and Mystery Books by C.M. Eddy, Jr.—#131

First Baptist Church of Collingswood—Irvin Ave. #306

Fred Gibson,Jr.com-Perception Is Reality Volume1; Beach House On The Moon—#126

Garden State Discovery Museum-"Put Yourself in a Bubble"—Irvin Ave. #316

Gertrude Klein Gompers-Prisms of LightReflections of Shattered Glass—#24

Get Away to Write-Murphy Writing Seminars—#97

Gibson Reynolds-Used Books—#207

Gihon River Press-Holocaust Studies—#150

Golden Butterfly Publishing-Tiffany A. Flowers—#36

Good Shepherd Catholic School-School Promotions—#161

Goodee Enterprises, Inc.-Educational Children's Books—#18

Hartman Books—#220, 222

Holistic Moms Network-West Jersey/Philadelphia Chapter-Cookbook—#155

Impressed-An Historical Novel by Paul Devine—#186

Incredible Hue Picture Books-I Am Very Happy To Be the Incredible Hue of Me —#132

J.L. Whitehead-Bruthas—#181

James Mascia-The Island of Dren—#130

JARBOOKS-Used Books, Audio Books—#212

Jason Ross-Don't Wound What You Can't Kill—#9

Jawanza Phoenix-The Intersection of Beauty and Crime—#179

Jeanne E. Barbaro-An Inspirational Book: My Walk with Angels—#102

Jennifer Grocki--From A to Zamboni, From A to Zone D—#53

Jennifer Wilck-A Heart of Little Faith—#140

Jenny Bright-Stonecipher—#86

Jeremy A. Lifsey-Happiness Surrounds You: The Stamp Booklet Guide To Happiness—#199

Jerry Fogarty-Nick West and the Curse of Haunted Island—#12

Jessie Crawford-Children's Books—#114

Jill Maser-The White Horse Pike, The Black Horse Pike—#25

Jim and Gloria Rosanio-Flip, Flop Flo, The Know It All—#187

Jim's Used Books—#216

Jody's Book Jubilee-Christian/Inspirational Books—#138

Joe Favale-101 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With a Hanger—#29

Joe Sergi-Young Adult/Horror/Sci Fi/Comic Book Writer—#2

Junior Womens Club of Collingswood-Used Books—#205

K.Michael Crawford-Children's Drawing Books—#147

Karen O'Lone-Hahn,Author/Illustrator-Millicent and the Faraway Moon—#134

Kate Gallison-Mystery Writer—#72

Kathy Steel-Sally the Sea Star, Sally Saves Our Seas—#99

Kelly Varesio-Insperatus—#81

Kezia Davis-The Lily in the Valley: Discover Your True Identity—#180

Kingsmen Enterprises, LLC-Menzuo in the Calling of the Sun Prince—#151

K's Books-Bookseller—#213

Lands Atlantic Publishing-Young Adult Books—#28

Lazie Horse Publishing/Cates Creative Services—#20

Lee Harper Author/Illustrator—#79

Liberty States Fiction Writers-Non-Profit Educational Organization for Writers—#17 & 19

LilyKat Designs/Depth of View Photography—#201

Lori J. Mann-My Stagedoor Family: A Multi-Genre Tribute—#137

Louis J. Pecsi-Nosferatu The Untold Origin—#188

Margaret Brown-Lost for Words, Words of Wisdom—#95

Marianne Modica-Young Adult Novel, The R Word—#170

Marina Koestler Ruben-How to Tutor Your Own Child—#64

Mark McElroy-Vintage Paperbacks—#211

Marlene Franchetti-Used Books—#203

Mary Ann Castagnetta-Bubble Gum Dreams, Elephant Soup?—#144

Matt Blackstone-A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie—#191

Maverick Duck Press-Chapbooks/Poetry—#160

Meet and Greet w/Author Chyvonne Thomas Counting Pies with Grams—#178

Messages From the Heart-My Journ...My Journal Volume 1,2,3—#100

Michael Northen-Beauty is a Verb: The New Disability Poetry—#127

Michael Rushnak-Medical Mystery Thriller Book—#111

Mid-Atlantic Book Publishers Association—#59

Misconceptions by Doris Nieves—#26

Mitch Plotnick, Doris Nieves-Good Better Best: Simple Ways to Improve Your Nutrition, Health, Life—#154

Money Management For Teen$ and Teen Girlz and Their Monie$—#8

Mystery Writers of America-Rosemary Harris—#65,67,69

National Writers Union-Tim Sheard—#116

Neal Levin-Dark Quest/Garden State Horror Writers—#171,172,173,174

New You Publishing-Karissa Thomas— #166

Pamela and Joel Tuck-Color Struck, The Adventure of Sheldon the Mushroom—#91

Parenting an Athlete-Annette Reiter—#142

Pat Jeanne Davis, Author of-Inspirational Stories—#133

Pat Valdata-Poetry: Inherent Vice; Novel: The Other Sister—#22

Pat Walsh, Bookseller—#209

Paul Quintavalle-Thought Process; Think Twice—#190

Peg Barker-Used Books—#204

Phaze Books-Publisher/Books—#30

Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society-Baseball History—#71

Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society—Irvin Ave. #312

Philadelphia Great Books Council-Info about Great Books Discussion Groups—#119

Phyllis(Pam)Mariani-And Baby Makes a Family; Dingles Special Day—#23

Plexus Publishing, Inc.-Book Publisher—#85

Poehead.com-Edgar Allen Poe Inspired Items—#46

Preschoolcdnow-Seasonal Audio Stories for Children—#107

Private Cathay's Secret-Middle Grade Historical Fiction—#6

Progress Democrats of America-N.J./PDA-NJ—#89

R. Terry McAnally-Murder by Order; The Eliminator—#108

Ralph Secinaro-Used Books—#201

R.E. Long-The Prince of Cedars; Tomorrow's Fish; Beginnings: A Season of Archery—#148

Raymond E. Seccia-The Light in the Darkness—#168

Read Write Books-Hand Made Journals—#77

Rich Westcott-Baseball Writer &Historian-Author of 22 Books—#198

Robin Hathaway-Mystery Novels—#68

Roy Ziegler-Philadelphia History Books—#14

Second Time Books-Used Books—#208 & 210

Sissy and Bendy Bookworms—#219

Small Indulgences-A Cookbook—#129

Smith Publicity, Inc.-Book Publicity Services—#83

Sports Challenge Network-Kushka, the Dog Named Cat—#49

St. Paul's Lutheran Church-Information—#175,177, 302

Stacey DeNafo-Ella the Incredible; Jason and His Yellow Spoon—#159

Stanley Ash-Life Lesson: Dr. Becoming A Young Man—#189

Stephen Lonsdale-Badon—#165

Steve Shapiro/Entity-A Second Coming—#139

Still Family Society, Inc-Books Authored by Family Members—#90 >

Stormwatch Comics-Retail, Children's Books—#193,194,195,196

Stuart Clark-Author's Personal Book Sales—#96

Summit Crossroads Press-Display and Sell Books for Parents—#57

Taking Flight! with DISC—#109

Temple University Press-Regional and Scholarly Books—#73

Tennis with Tony and Friends by Tony Severino—#45

The Eternals by John Schneider—#106

The IYP System-Investigate Your Plate—#124

The John Birch Society-Books, Magazines, and DVD's—#80

The Lion Shares-A Collection of Short Stories and Poems by Charles Mazzarella—#143

The New York Times-Newspaper Subscriptions—#82

Thomas Belton-Protecting New Jersey's Environment—#185

Thomas Herninko-Adult Books-Fiction-Novels—#88

Tiffany C. Millner-200 Something—#5

Tippy Toes Nursery School—Irvin Ave. #301

Tom McAllister and Barrelhouse Literary Journal—#94

Tom O'Grady, Jr.-A Gift Is Waiting; Degree of Difficulty—#128

TyBoo Authors-New Author's Ty Manapat and Montana Manapat and Their Books—#162

Undergraduate Socialwork Organization (Rutgers U)-Used Books—#182

Usborne Books and More-Children's Book—#182,184

Valerie A. Granberry-Heart to Heart Poetry —#4

Vintage World-Shante Timberlake, Author/Vendo—#136 >

Vision and Purpose Literary Group, LLC—#74

Wagner Wolf Publishing-So You Wanna Be A Doctor?—#104

Wallace Jan Ecklof-The Last Celtic Angel—#163

Wames World of Books-Used Books—#215

Wayne & Jane Meyers-Used Books—#214

Whitehair Books-Gettysburg: The Field of Glory; Northern Fire—#125

William D. Butler-One Sports Fan Left Behind—#167

Windsor Press and Publishing-The Turnaround—#87

Winnie Radolan-Papermaker— Irvin Avenue #314

YCS-Sawtelle Learning Center-Autism Awareness— #50

You Do Pr-Publicity—#192

Youth Arts Collective-Evelyn Bunch—#76

Zane-North School PTA-Small Crafts, Used Books—#32

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